Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: 06


You know things are going to get a little mad when the box warns of a sequence involving strobe light effects. After the revelations of last arc Shinji is shunted to the side and the other Eva pilots get their time to shine, well time to go insane. The series really strings forward to whole human psyche as the forefront now as it theorises that the Angels are actually trying to see into peoples minds. Though this leads to trouble for our budding pilots.

The show really has plunged into darkness now as not a lick of comedy is in place, even annoying Asuka isn’t self praising herself. With a flashback storyline which reveals how Nerv was set up and how characters relate between each other goes from the past to present instantly you are given a new light on some of the characters, a disturbing light. Asuka’s past in particular feels like something from a horror with the mother who talks to the dolls. The story is thick this volume yet more mysteries are created such as what Commander Ikari really wants.

The Angels this volume are definitely dangerous as the one from the last volume and the seeing into Asuka and Rei’s mind are quite chilling as they converse with themselves about their problems, their ideals with text flashing on-screen to strange distorted sound effect. This with the classical music playing as Asuka tries to fight the Angel give a sensation of viewing some truly spectacular.


Death is another large aspect of this volume, past and present a lot of death takes place and each reason is distinctly different and some even grotesque. The revelation of Rei is finally revealed and is more messed up than you could probably imagine though it did remind me of something from Full Metal Alchemist though I can’t say it cheapens the reveal, it is done better and about eight years earlier here. The other big moment in the arc is done quite abruptly but the sudden rush of information at the volumes start and the results of this death are subtle yet overly affect the course of the events especially revealing what lies in the secrets of Nerv. It all intertwines and flows neatly together despite the show not spitting the answers for everything directly into our head but you can already feel the information safe crumbling apart as the characters constantly question what I’ve been questioning since the start, I can see another massive information surge coming!

Interesting to note that the episodes come in two flavours here, we have an on air version and director’s cut. I read in the booklet that comes included that the director’s cut basically adds scenes to make sense of certain things and improve animation. So you know I stuck with the director’s cut, little reason to go watch the original but it is there for nostalgia and masochists.

It is the final next and I’ve heard rumours on how much of a mind flip it all becomes, I’ll see if this makes or breaks what could possibly be one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched.


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