I’m Alan Partridge


Ohah! I’m Alan Partridge is a series starring Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge set after his chat show Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge. After being told he isn’t getting a second series he now lives in a travel lodge divorced from his wife and working for a late night radio show in Norwich. Through the six episode series we experience the life of Alan and how he tries to get a second series dreaming about seducing the higher-ups of the BBC.

 The series is incredibly different to Knowing Me Knowing you as it plays out like a standard comedy show as he has a situation in each episode and trying to get fame and fortune from it rather than the chat show scenario last time. While there are a couple of funny references from Knowing Me Knowing You, I’m Alan Partridge can be viewed without having seen the prior show, it makes little difference to the enjoyment.

 I’m Alan Partridge is a ridiculous show, each episodes scenarios start off as normal ideas before spiralling into some hilarious madness. Through the six episodes you will see Alan try to persuade the BBC director for a second series, go on a valentines date with someone he needs to fire, filming a boat advert in-between pissing farmers off, holding an event at the hotel while meeting his biggest fan, being bored before attempting to be crazy and stealing a traffic cone and finding out the BBC guy is dead. Each event sounds simple here but in motion they are just bizarre. It all works thanks to Alan being a complete and utter dick. He thinks he is the greatest thing that’s ever happened, must always have the last word and looks down on pretty much everyone he meets. His retorts to people are often ludicrous and daft making for some fantastic quotes.

 And because the quotes are so fantastic here is a small list because they are quite frankly, brilliant.

 ‘Smell my cheese you motha!’

 ‘The best thing I ever did was getting thrown out by my wife. She’s living with a fitness instructor; he drinks that yellow stuff in tins… He’s an idiot!’

 ‘Mousse from a bowl is nice but to put it on a person is demented!’

 ‘You threw a monkey into the sea?’

 ‘Monkey tennis?’

 And so forth. Genius! Sometimes the stuff he comes out with isn’t too hot but it’s all part of his character, he has to be right about everything and his replies are usually quite complicated and detailed.


 The highlight of series 1 is the episode where he meets his biggest fan. From what starts off as the usual Alan shenanigans, he ends up at the fans house and it turns from funny into unnerving funny as he finds his fans special room. Needless to say it is one hell of a joke.

 The side cast are also entertaining as Lynn seems to have a crush on Alan despite demeaning her constantly and the hotel staff are also strong with a Geordie ex-solider and the girl behind the reception who can’t help but laugh at him. With each episode going to and from the hotel you really get to know these people.

 The best way to describe IAP is to think of The Office in terms of character idiocy but less serious in terms of set pieces. It is getting on a bit now in terms of years but the series is still one of the best comedies you can find. The extra DVD also has some entertaining deleted scenes and a field running Alan for navigation. Plus you can get it for about £7 these days. Back of the net!


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