Joe Ray Travels The World!: Lennon Studios


Welcome back JRTTW! Last time I went to Ibiza and with the help of pics perhaps too small we got to get a look at that general area. This time I decide to go back to the roots that this feature first started at: the home. But this time a look at the other home I have, Lennon’s Studios in Liverpool. It is the place in which John Lennon from The Beatles was born at (it used to be a maternity hospital so perhaps a little haunted). Must be a grand place then!

Hello Lennon Studios. Nice entrance, I see it everyday, saw it everyday last year. I don’t really like this entrance, there is a back car entrance which is sometimes open, I much prefer that one. Stories about this opening? Well last year we had a huge snowball fight out here, About three flats of block A vs the people on the other side. Gathering the snow from the small wall, fun times. Other notes of interest is I tried to sleep outside here once, it was cold and I was drunk. Think clever.Them windows in the picture below are from flat 2 of block A. I had friends there last year, I have friends there this year! That flat went through some things last year… like heaters falling off the walls and tampons being thrown at a window… fun times. And is that man trying to get in on my shot?

I see this map everyday, it is right next to the block afterall. I never really look at it though. Maps really confuse me to be honest, I did get an E  AS in Geography after all! Ok so this is a map of Lennon Studios. There are other buildings wrapped around Lennons but they don’t get put on here, so sorry Cambridge Court. On there I live in Block A and have been in Block C and Block G. Block C was a one-off when there was some DJ party last year. I don’t remember it being much good but the excitement of being there was all that counted. Block G, I had a friend there, went a few times then never again, just passed it to put my rubbish in the bins. Feels strange really but I felt much more comfortable about where I was last year despite never really being happy about things, now I’ve just got some irritating anxiety over myself. Maybe I should study the map more?

The laundry. Why have I entered here? It should be expected that every student place should have some sort of cleaning service. The laundry gives me a strange feeling though. It is a really lonely place when I think about it and I love it because it is. Laundrettes are the type of places people go and sit on a chair watching a flickering light as cars go by in the night. This one is underground so it loses the feeling of an outside world, you are just stuck here, alone with your washing, wondering about nothing. Sometimes someone else appears and you may nod or speak but you are both there for only one reason. Some people go back to their rooms when the washing is going but I like sitting down there when I wait, it might be weird but I love the feeling of a place where you can be on your own and feel justified about it all. It also is a good haunt site…

I was hoping this would still be here and it was. I was going to do this tour of Lennon Studios last year but I didn’t have a decent camera so it would have been a bit tough. See that bloody hand print on the door top left? That is an evil ghost afoot in the laundrette! If you look into that glass long enough you will probably see some glimmering eyes. And a mop. For those living around here, go check it out but bring a friend! I remember not liking the vending machine in this place to, it always gave Peanut M and M’s out when I asked for Minstrels. Pure evil.

The vending machines outside. Chocolate on the left, drinks on the right; everything you could ever need. I ran these dry many times last year, I ate the chocolate to cheer myself up and drank the drinks to keep myself awake. Living on the ground floor meant heading to that machine was an easy task! I like pretty much everything bar the nutty ones and the diet ones. They were always the ones left. I heard rumours people piss in the drinks one but I find that would be a very tough act to perform. These vending machines also signal to me a meeting place, it reminded me of the times I met a friend, as if waiting there to deal some shady business. Standing there waiting always.

Let’s buy chocolate for old times sake then! Mmm Malteasers…

Probably my favourite chocolate in this machine. Let’s tuck in!

Yum! I guess the chocolate is from last term to…

Let’s head into the actual block now. As you see the residents are really friendly and don’t look like they want to beat me to death with a soggy dog. Actually last year I did have a few troubles with some people. I mean Lennon’s had stalkers of my friend and a 30-year-old evil last year. I was approached by the 30-year-old chap and he explained to me how everyone thought I was an oddball. To be fair to him I think this is what I figure most the time, it is the only way I can explain how everything seems to be a one way system I can’t seem to get out of. I don’t feel at home at Lennons, I don’t really feel so home at home either. I don’t really know which bit I jot into comfortably, things are too complicated now. It is why I used to love the train rides home in the dark, peaceful.

The inside of Lennons. Pretty glum looking place. The post box usually looks after take away boxes. The lights aren’t too bright and switch off after about ten minutes so if you walk out your room or enter when the lights are flickering on, you are the first person about in a while. I remember staying a little bit into Christmas, that was pretty morbid, it was always dark and cold. Strange I’m staying in Lennons again thinking about it when I didn’t really like the place last year.

Top of the stairs is such hard work. I didn’t have to do this last year, it was all nice and easy on the ground floor. I only ever had to go up the stairs to see people, mainly flat 11 and flat 14. I live in flat 14 now so it is strange to be climbing all the way up here. I used to climb those stairs so slowly, it was like a never-ending set of staircases, each step getting heavier. Reasons about for that but I guess you can guess why it would be quite nerve-wracking to climb some stairs to talk to someone… Also I notice Flat 8 still has the burn mark from the firework. Yeah a firework was set off here last year.

Thump… thump. Flat 14 is here. That 1 can be moved about, try it! I remember walking through the door many a time last year ready to knock, then not knocking, then finally knocking. Then shrugging and walking off. But now it’s my home for the year I just fumble around in my pockets for my keys.

Ah Hefrid the hoover. He welcomes us all home. Some people reckon he’s called Henry but that is just wrong. Henry is red! One Hefrid got brutally murdered this year. I saw its remains down the stairs. A sad sad day.

Never expect a tidy kitchen in student living. Bomb shelter I’d say. Without TV’s in the room this year it all feels a bit dull in here. The reek of rotting plates and no reason to sit about inside means this room stays pretty empty, last year I was in the living room as much as possible. Whenever the girls weren’t in smoking and clipping their nails on the floor and putting out fags on peoples dishes. Or draining milk from cereal despite the fact that a healthy living ideal doesn’t work if you just eat Ben and Jerry’s all day and live in your own filth… wait I’m getting carried away. I haven’t even got on about the guy passed out on the sofa. He doesn’t even live here!

And finally my room. It is a nice size compared to last year, that was like an extended corridor of problems. Cold hard floor, a broken air vent to outside, shower tiles fell off, burnt the floor when I somehow switched straighteners on in my sleep and the toilet bust giving me hell. It just kept making a draining noise, I couldn’t sleep for a month! All I remember from that room is hating virtually every moment I had in it, apart from the time when other people came round, that was fun. This time round things are much better though being on the top floor, it is a little bit hot up here. Should be alright when winter hits though! Oh and don’t try steal my stuff!

So Lennon Studios is an alright place, I remember a few things from last year and have learned a few things from this year already. Despite giving the place a bit of stick I like it really, it just can get half lonely sometimes. A common room would be nice, or free phones for the room. If you stay put you will always be staying put. If you move forward you may get shunted in some places and sometimes you just have to accept that no one wants to hang out with you. A one way ticket system and only you hold the tickets to get in. But these tickets can lead to interesting places so sleep tight. Just watch out for ghost children…


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