Currently Listening To: The Beatles Abbey Road


Come together! AH Abbey Road, voted as the best album of all time in some places and sporting one of the most iconic covers of all time (I think Nirvana’s Nevermind wins there though) is now mine. Re-mastered like.
I seem to be sticking in the second half in The Beatles discography but I guess I like the less 50’s style and prefer the more quirky, modern sounds of the later albums. When it comes to an album as big of this I can’t and won’t even bother to talk about the nitty gritty, it’s awesome with an awesome medley at the end. I do prefer the front half of the album though with ‘Come Together’, ‘Something’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’ being special ones for me. ‘Something’ gives me mega chills! It isn’t my favourite The Beatles album though, once I have them all I should decide.
1969beatlesJohn Lennon had a massive beard at this point!
I’d love to replicate that cover that no doubt thousands have, I remember one of my friends saying he lives right near there. Maybe I should go down sometime. It’s every Japanese tourists dream! That gives me an idea for something fun…
pocoyo_en_abbey_road_3_1Deeply disturbing


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