Naruto Volume 38: Practise Makes Perfect

Covers chapters 340-349

Ah nice cover, I like the oranges and like the volume 35 cover gives a nice feel that sometimes Naruto volumes don’t have to have plain backgrounds. The presence of Sasuke also shows he is coming back into the story and in a big way.

So volume 38 ends the immortals arc, I think that is what people like to call it. Naruto gets his big new move which doesn’t seem to good to be fair despite some cool damage. The fight kinda ends in an anticlimactic way as I feel it isn’t Naruto’s fight, he just popped in at the last-minute to save the day though with 5 on 1 he didn’t need to do it alone really. Does get a little tiring sometimes as you get the rest of the capable ninjas just doing a spot of cheerleading. It is all happy endings anyway and the next arc begins which starts with a dramatic picture of Sasuke sitting on top of a bunch of defeated ninjas. Yes!

Though while the rest of the volume covers more fights and closure on some elements it all feels a bit wasted in what could be put there. The Sasuke and Orochimaru mind transfer escapade is much too short after the build up from near the start of the series though it is hinted things aren’t quite over yet. While this is going on Naruto is being fed ramen, being told his new move can’t be used and watching his friend Konohamaru turn into naked girls and men which is annoyingly censored for this release, though maybe not with two naked men looking lovingly at each other originally being shown. Pointless really.

To make up for this though Sasuke goes on an adventure to get more recruits which means fresh new characters! I like that a bit more colour is being added to the Naruto universe and more questions being answered to how Orochimaru operated things and the origin of the curse seal. The new characters are alright too though Karin seems a bit annoying. Suigetsu the water boy seems a right laugh though and we get a bit of nostaglia with Zabuza’s sword and the place of Naruto and co’s first mission. That was welcome.

Though being the start of a new arc this feels like a transition volume despite the fights which take place. Transition volumes are always the weakest but it was still an entertaining enough read and the hype is back now Sasuke is finally back in the game!


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