Game Room

Format: Xbox 360
Price: Free
Downloads: 240 ms points for an arcade game
400 ms points to use on a Pc and Xbox
40 points for a go
Genre: All sorts but old at the moment

Ah the arcades, I didn’t have any when I was a kid really. So no ah to the arcades. I do have memories of places which had game machines though, back of the pub, down at the sports centre, the cinema usually had some awesome light gun games me and my friend used to play till we completed, spending about 15 quid between us. Also me and my friend went to an arcade about six years ago on a caravan holiday and it was damp, had really smelly old side scrolling beat em ups and a guy with a voice box. So I have had fun with arcade type places in the past and despite all feeling pretty tacky, it was fun.

The idea of Game Room is to bring the arcade home! Set up in a flashy looking virtual arcade which looks nothing like the places I ever went, you can play and pay for tons of arcade games with new ones being added every week to keep things fresh. It costs about 50p in Microsoft points a go but you get a free try first time for each machine and can buy the machine for under 2 pounds. Then people can come visit you’re custom arcade and play your machines, for the small price or tokens which can be obtained for visiting other arcades and winning high score challenges you can create. It is a great concept and stays pretty cheap (Unless you want to buy the arcade machine for Windows and Xbox, then things get silly price wise)! But it isn’t as great as the tacky arcades I went to…

The problem with Game Room is that the arcade games just aren’t much cop. All of them are older than myself going back to the 70’s and it is hard to really enjoy any of this ancient collection unless you have memories of them back in the day. If you remember the Atari and Intellevision games then great but then you probably will still find most of these games dated.I found the most entertaining games Crystal Castle and Shao-Lin’s Road but most of the others were quite simply a load of crap. Intellevision games have confusing start-up menus to as you have to set the arcade up and after about half an hour of piddling around I just decided to leave. A future of 90’s arcade games upwards will make Game Room something special but we are stuck in the early 80’s and it totally sucks. But with the delaying of new titles and things still being stuck in the past could this decline faster than the real arcades did?

Top 5 Games in the Game Room so far!

Crystal Castles

Like Pac-Man but with a bear and on an isometric maze. Simple and good fun. Not the band.

Shao-Lin’s Road

Best graphical game on the service so far with room based fighting.


Weird shooter in which you circle around a line shooting things approaching the line. Confusing at times but not as confusing as the spiritual sequel Space Giraffe.

Lunar Lander

A game in which you try to land a spaceship taking into account fuel and speed. Easier version with better music on Timesplitters 2.

Asteroids Deluxe

Shoot asteroids in a top down free roaming arena. Simple and everyone knows it.


2 thoughts on “Game Room

  1. Until decent arcade games from post-1985 are released I won’t be parting with my Microsoft Points. Games like Daytona USA, Mortal Kombat and so are are what I’m optimistically waiting for.

  2. Yeah for sure, I’m very disappointed with whats on offer at the moment and delays of the weekly updates is also a concern. I hope they won’t be stuck in the past and never make it to the good stuff. I only bought Crystal Castles on this and apart from Shao-Lin’s Road I don’t think I’ll be buying anything else for a while.

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