First Year Of Uni: Passed!

The papers came through, earlier than I’d expected. I thought I’d be waiting till at least the middle of July, wondering where my life would go, would I be progressing, or regressing into some lonely dole awaiting shell? They were here in that professional brown envelope telling me this was important, perfect report size. I already knew when I opened it the results, I was confident for a change that this year went well and I would be moving on. And I was.

61 mean average which I think is a 2:1. Pretty good, I’m glad I seem to have performed well in screenwriting as it is something I will going into more depth with in September along with prose. I may think the course is a loose string of little aim and goal but its good to be working for something and hopefully the second year will work out better. Get a good balance of everything and maybe start to get a clear focus on things. If anything, it gives me more confidence for what I write along with this blog. Confidence brings new ideas as I still have that unnerving feeling of desperation lurking within me to meld together and try to create something fresh. With internet down time and sun to shine to a brief break has been most welcome but now I’m ready to return to the world of writing.

I’m pleased I don’t have another Japanese and International Business on my hands. That would be a little big bad. Just a little.


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