Death Note L Change The World

Death Note L Change The World
Release Date: 9th February 2008
Director: Hideo Nakata
Rating: 15

L Change the World feels like a cash in. With the Death Note story told in live action it was over, until they decided to make this extra after story of super detective L try to solve another crazy case before time runs out. It feels unnecessary and forever doomed to be hated even before watching it, but I’m glad this exists as my doubts and low expectations led me to enjoy the film more than the two previous live action ones.

L Change the World links to Death Note through L and the fact he wrote his name in the Death Note (a name written in the Death Note means death) and has 23 days to live. You get a few character cameos but the cast is largely new and the last films only link a few details. Other than that this is a thriller as L tries to save the world from a deadly new virus which causes bumps on the skin and people to bleed out their eyes, which is incredibly cool when it does happen. It is a simple plot which wouldn’t seem out of place in a Resident Evil game and the villains are suitably crazy. Guy with one blind eye, crazy knife girl, super clever lady and typical summer shirt shotgun man are the villains whilst the heroes consist of quirky sweet eating L, little kid who’s good at maths, girl with the disease and an incompetent FBI agent.

The over the top character nature doesn’t make for a believable film, the whole story is completely daft with a car chase scene in a pink crepe van, and some hilarious stilted English language thrown about, L particularly makes less sense when he speaks English though it is nice they’ve tried to make it so certain countries speak certain languages, even Valkyrie didn’t do that!

It’s a daft tale of trying to stop the bad guys spreading their violence but it is often immensely entertaining. It feels like one of those retro 80’s action films but with a detective story instead of all out action, the amount of cheese stenches. The virus which causes eyes to burst into blood and have erratic spasms is hilarious, the pink crepe van is hilarious, L eating sweet kebabs and talking broken English is hilarious, the over the top psycho villains are hilarious, the completely stupid ending is hilarious, but it isn’t awful. The story links together well and it does have some touching moments, especially as far as L’s ticking clock is concerned. Creating a 23 day time limit which makes sense thanks to the Death Note helps create a pace, you can gather when things are going to kick off and it makes the two hours fly by without the story sticking in one place for too long.

L Change The World may be cornier than a corn dog and a shameless cash in on a popular franchise, but I doubt it will fail to raise a smile. Just daft fun as you witness how L plans to solve the case and babysit kids.


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