Joe Ray Travels The World!: Majorca Cala d’Or

Boom! Back from the dead the travelling feature returns! I haven’t not been travelling but some events lead to the lack of desire to take pictures where I walk but when it comes to holidays I may never happen across that location again so it’s camera or regret! Majorca is the vacation spot this year, Cala d’Or to be exact. Get ready for a trip of men made of bacon, mysterious doors and haunted hotels…

The Hotel
The hotel I stayed at was a 4 star called the Esmeralda, a tidy place with a swimming pool, grass area and its own beach. It seemed the hotels in this area are all owned by the same company so you can wander pretty much anywhere if you want. I mainly kept the grass area on my stay with the beach bar being about for happy hour drinks. The hotel didn’t seem to have any oddities about it, it had an unnatural feeling of perfection. The waiters would grab empty glasses back the second they were gone along with plates at tea and the cleaners and painters would constantly be dusting up mess or repainting benches. It felt a little unreal as if I’d died on the flight and this was some form of limbo, a vacation with no flaws.

One great thing this year is I had my own room! A pretty standard room, bigger than my room at home and the longest I’ve ever had a double bed to myself. Not much happened in this room and I didn’t use the balcony much, every time I went to look out and admire the tree view, a guy looking like Mario would pop out next door and start chatting to me in Spanish. I couldn’t hold my laughter in the times I saw him. I regret not snapping a picture.

The hotel seemed to be full of older people or couples, the only people my age were two amazing beautiful German girls. I was in love, when I saw them I felt like I had been shot in the chest and my attempts to talk to them ended in me tripping up, dropping things or just messing up at every turn. I was the man from The Gods Must Be Crazy for the holiday, I don’t usually mess up and fumble about so much! I blame the language barrier though thinking back they probably could speak English. Ah!

Food and Drink

As for the food it was inclusive buffet meals. I don’t think I’m too picky but there wasn’t much for me at all. I don’t like fish and I don’t like sweet and sour sauces. Every night was about ten fish dishes and the none fish dishes were covered in sweet and sour sauce. Typical! One night they did have a pretty display of carved out food to make things. Bacon man pops up in my nightmares every night now.

Also as far as drinks went I had to get Fanta Naranja! For some reason Fanta tastes so much better in Europe! Sweet and refreshing rather than the sour crap I have here, I should have taken a suitcase of bottles home. I envy the Europeans for their sweet tasting soft drink over their hot weather!

The Area

The location was mainly hotels surrounding over hotels with shops and bars filling the other details. An illusion again that nothing quite feels real. It’s like the Truman show or a computer world my Mum says and I can agree, this area of Majorca is a nice place to relax but it doesn’t really have a personality. It’s almost like a plot point I’m writing in Twisted Pop, a world of perfection to stop crime and hunger, control. A lot of derelict buildings sometimes gave the impression that the area was dead and the craggy rocks at the shore weren’t the least bit safe. Rocks looking to the beach, sharp rocks and great thought had to be put in to travel them, which rocks could be climbed or which rocks could be jumped from. Only the noise of wind, not a soul in sight.

Night time was more alive with Impressionists taking the stage and mini attractions keeping the kids entertained. The giant inflatable Krusty The Clown head was horrific.

The Boat

The biggest escape from the little holiday town was by boat. The journey was long and treacherous, falling asleep in the sun gave me all sorts of mega burns. When the boat stopped to anchor up (another town the same as the one I’d been living at for the week) allowed me to check out the glass bottom, colonies of fish splashing around waiting to be hooked and killed. A German kid told me there were a lot more fish on the other side, it reminded me that the girls I was stunned by earlier in the week could speak English if this guy could.

The stopped location did have some interesting sights (I really wish I was more trigger happy on my camera this holiday, funny men, inflatable clowns and dangerous rocks missed my lens) such as about twenty wasps trapped in a glass case and a bunch of dangerous rocks I nearly smacked into despite reading the warning. The area felt like a set from a James Bond film with narrow corridors and make shift walkways. Inspiration began to flow.

The Mystery Door

One unusual moment on the holiday was the door to the back alley which led to town. A simple door by day, a dangerous door by night!

As I tried to make my way back to the hotel one evening I couldn’t find the way back. I knew by memory how to get there but something felt different. I could see the pathway I needed to go through to get to the door but it wasn’t happening. I ended up in a huge car park in the pitch black getting a sudden shock from the lights of a car beaming out towards me. I teetered off finding myself by the giant Krusty Inflatable before stumbling across two hotels to try and find my way. After tripping over a few sun beds and climbing over a gate I found myself in that back alley, why could I not find the normal entrance? I wasn’t drunk… much. It was obviously the door which was mysterious and not my bad navigation skills. Of course!

Hipico Hotel: The Abandoned Horror

Saving the best part of the holiday till last, the empty hotel I went to explore. After having a tasty baguette from a British cafe I saw the gates open for the hotel, no noises coming from it and the doors wide open. We heard the place had been shut down two years previously from the owners of the cafe but not why. So being human nature, entering it was the most logical and sanest thing to do.

It was certainly weird exploring an empty building under the bright sun. The chirps of birds could be heard in the distance but everything else was the noise of our footsteps. Crunching on room keys and broken dreams, chairs strewn across the scrappy grass, dusty rooms covered in shattered glass and clothes. While walking through there was always  the sense of someone watching.

Investigation led us to a newspaper dated from summer 2008, the newest record we could find of someone being in here. Some sheets were covering something lumpy but we didn’t check, instead we just looked at the empty holiday hotel, fun times long gone. The way everything was open with made beds and clothes covering the floors suggested people had left in a hurry. While walking through we heard the slamming of a door. We didn’t check to see what caused it, possibly the wind.

The bar was the most impressive sight, just after walking past a murky swimming pool, the murk obscuring the items sunk at the bottom. A Gothic looking bar, a half empty water bottle with the best before date still valid. It felt like people had been living here recently, I didn’t dare creep into the dark back rooms, who knows what would have been found. Before I reveal what did happen in this hotel, have a look at some more images, feel the emptiness and sadness from it all.

Ok, we asked a local pub owner what had happened. It was shut down because of money problems  and invaded by druggies who still live there. Though recently it hasn’t been too busy thanks to a murder. Two months ago a body was found dead slumped against a wall in a bar, beaten to death and full of coke. It wasn’t determined if it was the drugs which got him or the wounds but both were contribution factors. Scary no? It was a true adventure though braving the depths of the unknown, I certainly wouldn’t go back at night though!

One thing to note was all the copper wiring had been pulled out from the ground and every door lock had been kicked in. An empty hotel would make a good base of operations.

It shut down two years ago, imagine going to a hotel on holiday and returning to that location a few years later to find the place you stayed in ruins? I can imagine it being an incredibly haunting experience. Just walking on the grounds looking at the mess around me in silence with the sun illuminating everything brightly was a strange sensation. I kinda liked it too…

I could keep throwing pictures out of this place all day but I should wrap it up, it was definitely the most exciting point of the vacation!


So sun was absorbed, boats were rode, doors were found and hotels ventured; this holiday was a mix of different elements making for an interesting week. I could only recommend the location if you just want to relax though, it doesn’t really have a big enough personality or variety of things to do to make it anything else and while exploring derelict places is fun it is also not suggested! Till next time adventurers!


2 thoughts on “Joe Ray Travels The World!: Majorca Cala d’Or

  1. me and my family also had a look around this hotel in june there are actually 2 rooms being used and not by druggies but local workers. there was a death in one of the rooms a man overdosed and on our visit the police tape was still there and the room was full of urine ,feaces, flys and maggots(yak) and also the mans belongings. everyone loves playing detective lol

    • Interesting, two local workers, I heard the badly beaten man had overdosed but visiting when the tape and other such nasties sounds exciting! It’s great how information and experiences can be gathered from different people investigating. Curiosity killed the…

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