KFC Adventures: Kentucky Jack and iWrap Sweet

An adventure involving KFC! Journey for the golden chicken bucket! Or buying the new Kentucky Jack and iWrap Sweet. Still an adventure into the unknown… for the mouth.

iWrap Sweet

First the iWrap because I need to get it out of my mind as quick as possible. Chicken and goats cheese in a wrap sounds awesome, and it is; chicken and goats cheese is such an amazing combo I’m surprised they haven’t thought about it sooner. Maybe because Goats cheese is starting to make a name for itself, I’ve only become familiar with it in takeaways in the last two years but then I hadn’t been Pizza Hut before. It would be the perfect combo but then we must take into account the sweet onion relish.

I feel sick, all I can smell and taste in my mouth is the disgustingly vile sweetness of the relish, it brings me back to a time when I was incredibly ill at university. I was full of the cold which isn’t weird or anything, if I don’t have a cold something is up, and I had a Ginsters sandwich with onion relish. Never have I tasted something so horrific, so nasty and the lasting taste scarred me and dragged me into further sickness. The relish is included to ruin the wrap and I’m not happy. I’m not happy at all. Vomit incoming. It did say Sweet on the wrap but they could have used something else!

Kentucky Jack

Now onto something a little better. Two pieces of chicken tucked in a fancy bun with cheese, lettuce and honey mayo. It is rather tasty offering something a little like MacDonald’s M burger on the fancy scale. Fancy MacDonald’s and KFC? Haha… yeah. Anyway it had that would buy again quality going on about it but my second burger had far too much honey mayo dripping out… just dripping like a tap does sometimes. After the onion relish it was just too much savory sweetness for me to take. Sweet stuff is for sweets not meals! Still apart from that messy mistake it is pretty good and for those weirdos out there who like sweet sauces will find a lot to love here. I think I’ll go back to normal mayo and ketchup.


One thought on “KFC Adventures: Kentucky Jack and iWrap Sweet

  1. Wow, the Kentucky Jack looks kinda gross. Limp-looking vegetables and only two pieces of chicken? Those bastards at KFC are so fucking cheap. Thank you for the heads-up.

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