Wirral Walk

Across the Mersey. I’d seen across the Mersey many times before. Sitting or standing at the docks looking at the other side. Wirral, a place of mystery and unknown or the place a lot of people I meet seem to come from. But to me it was just a distant set of buildings with water in the way. Until I got aboard a ferry and saw beyond Liverpool. It was no more imagining cars from the 1940’s driving around while people in flat caps survived coal mines and more walking on a long line peering slightly into Wirral but staying firmly to the edge of the town. But being on edge was good enough for me.

I think when I write something there is always one thing I’m leading to, the punchline perhaps. Or maybe the one point of interest I must surround by the things I want to talk about less. I want to talk about The Game and not the one you lose by seeing, hearing or thinking about it. I don’t play that game but if you do I’m so very sorry. The Game is the thing in Wirral which I wanted to see and when I did see got very confused. What is it? How do you play it? A bunch of circles on the floor. Do you spin them, twist them, pull them, throw them, walk around them, look at them, push them, lick them, punch them, organise them, eat them? It doesn’t seem to be a game though. How confusing.

This was part of the Millennium walk which is why this is Wirral walk and not exploring the Wirral. I feel good about getting The Game out the way though as while I had interest in that the beaches, pigeons and chips were of much more interest at the end of the midday. I don’t quite know what the Millennium walk is just that it is a walk down a long strip of pavement with houses looking down on one side and a beach sunbathing on the other. Pigeons seem to circle around this location doing laps around passer bys ready to replicate ‘The Birds’ and people are in short supply. It was nice to be away from people though and the bustling city. Though when you see Liverpool as a bunch of building bricks from the edge of the Wirral you can still hear faint sounds of things being alive and busy. I didn’t die on the ferry, it was just quietly quiet and the background distance noise was but a reminder that cities are really noisy.

We never completed the Millennium journey, the New Brighton which is an exact replica of old Brighten (possibly) was just out of reach due to time but I like the sand and I liked the chips. More of these adventures please.


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