Galaxy Counters

I am always one to fall into the ‘new’ thing trap especially as chocolate is concerned. This time Galaxy Counters are under inspection, to me the pack told me that these would be the Galaxy equivalent to Cadbury buttons. Being one to prefer Galaxy chocolate since the great flu of 2009 making me taste Cadbury chocolate in wrong and sick ways (the chocolate sweet felt too intense and made my tongue curl) this should be the best thing ever.

Though when I open the back I don’t see what I expect. Instead of flat buttons I see Minstrels without the skin. They even have a hold texture, they don’t feel a flimsy at all though I didn’t get round to testing how the chocolate melts. Biting in I felt like I was eating Minstrels but without the skin. Without the skin nothing much changes, you just don’t get sugar-coated shell in your teeth. Plus after about five I felt a bit sickly but this is around 10am in the morning eating large doses of chocolate.

They aren’t bad but I feel they are an anticlimax to what I expected. Minstrel sized chunks of Galaxy chocolate awesome. But without the sell. Was there that big  of a demand from the Minstrel hating crowd?


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