Joe Ray’s Top Five 2010: Movies

Hello. 2010 is over in a day or so, so I thought it was probably time to do these top five things again. Movie, music and games. I would also like to do my top five television programmes, top five meals, top five dreams, top five books and top five top fives, but I think settling for these three keeps things simple. Maybe next year I can introduce these exciting categories as I only just came up with them right this minute. What an oversight! For the record my favourite TV show was Psychoville Halloween special, meal was cheese and ham crepes, dream was one about detective shadows, book was ‘I haven’t read enough books from this year but it probably wasn’t Stories and top five is top five shades of yellow. Some unlucky people only interested in the music and games will miss this opening, but they can read about my thoughts on chairs. All is well.

Top Five Movies Of 2010: Whatever Joe Ray Thinks. (And click the picture for a link to my blog entries on them)

5. Shutter Island (19th February 2010)

I knew my top four for sure, maybe not the order but I was sure of the content. Number five is always the shaky spot for me. Is it really number five or is it there because it was a settlement after it fought with other films such as  How To Train Your Dragon? It would have been easier to do a top four and use that extra space for worst film of the year as at least that is set in stone. Scott Pilgrim. Or Alice In Wonderland? Two monstrosities must fight it out so I guess it wouldn’t be better.

Anyway, Shutter Island. I liked it a lot. It was a great mystery as Leonardo DiCaprio played a detective trying to find a missing patient. Gripping and dripping with atmosphere all leading to a mega plot twist. I look back with fond memories though think it may not be so grand on a second visit. For first time viewing I can certainly say it is a must watch though. It beat off How To Train Your Dragon and Up In The Air (this year over here I’m sure) for number five spot and then I think the only doubts came from not wanting to feature DiCaprio more than once. That’s ruined the surprise.

4. Kick Ass (26th March 2010)

Now we land into solid territory, Kick Ass places at number four bursting with character and energy. A comic book film done justice. I’ve watched this countless times already this year and it only makes junk like Scott Pilgrim look all the more embarrassing (I’ll stop kicking it now) with a better adaption of the comic (though the comic isn’t so Hollywood) thanks to a great soundtrack and an awesome strobe lighting scene. Even Nicolas Cage plays a good role which only helps emphasise how good this film actually turned out. More violent than I thought and the jet pack did feel a little tacky in retrospect but this is a killer hero film as it tries to bring some comic reality on the situation. Also features a 12 year old girl who enjoys getting weapons for her birthday and likes to say naughty words.


3. Toy Story 3 (12th June 2010)

It has been a long time since Toy Story 2 so there could have been worries that 3 would lose its way. It appeared in a time when I think toys aren’t so important to children now that videogames and easily obtained cigarettes are available but this seems to be geared towards the people who grew up with the series. Andy has grown up and the toys need to find a new home, a day care centre which isn’t all it appears to be. The film quickly becomes a jail break movie which is clever, hilarious and is just the most magical thing ever. I longed to be young again playing with my toys and rushed home to dig out my Lego. Which had been given away. Such is life.

2. Inception (8th July 2010)

The one about dreams. Leonardo DiCaprio playing a similar character to the one he plays in Shutter Island delves into dreams to try and steal something. Whatever he and his team go off to steal isn’t so interesting but the clever rules to the world of dreams, the imagery and the action is intense. Top it off with a booming soundtrack and this is amazing stuff. The fight in a rotating room had me dreaming. And did it stop?!

1. Four Lions (7th May 2010)

And number one goes to British comedy Four Lions. Chris Morris is a genious and this film didn’t disappoint. Four inept terrorists try to blow something up and the events they go through make me cry. With laughter though it amazes me that a level of emotion and care is created for the characters and I really felt for them by the end. It may be a tad controversial but I think it offends those who haven’t seen it more than those who have. It may not be as mainstream block buster as my other choices but I urge you to try it, the best film I’ve seen of 2010. Features exploding animals. Which is a little sad.


So that was my top five movies of 2010. Some largely safe choices and I’m sure everyone can agree that the five are pretty good films. Though I’m sure there is someone who hates one of those with a burning passion but that’s life. Keep checking for when the music and game entries pop up sometime soon! Maybe stay on my page and keep refreshing till they do, yeah that’ll work.


2 thoughts on “Joe Ray’s Top Five 2010: Movies

  1. My top 5 from films released this year in Australia:

    1. Up In The Air – The only brilliant film for the year. Reitman has now made three sensational comedies in a row. One of the best starts to a career in recent memory.

    2. Black Swan – Aronofsky’s most mature film to date. Brilliantly handled, super ambitious, visually enchanting and very original.

    3. The Hurt Locker – Tense, powerful and brilliantly realised. Interestingly Bigelow nails the male psyche better than male directors have been able to.

    4. The Ghost Writer – Just a cracking thriller. Well paced, fantastically written and extremely engrossing.

    5. Winter’s Bone – The best movies can help us understand the experiences of others, whose lifestyles are different to our own. This film takes us places we would only be willing to go in the movies. It features an unforgettable central performance and a heartrendering story.

    • Up In The Air is excellent, I think I maybe should have put it at 5. Then move Inception and Toy Story 3 around, then… what’s done is done! I’ll check out some of those films you’ve listed I haven’t seen.

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