Joe Ray’s Top Five 2010: Albums

And the top five lists by me continue as I leave the movies and move onto the music. The 2010 top five movie list is here: and the music list happens to be on this very post. Who’d have thought?

So music this year, I haven’t enjoyed the albums I’ve listened to as much as last years lot. Nothing really stood out for me in such a way as they did last year but that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to some great CDs this year. Pinkerton Deluxe Edition by Weezer would easily be my number one despite Pink Triangle featuring five times. But I see it as a super special edition rather than a new release, the tracks are B sides and completions of uncompleted tracks you see. Voting it one on a 2010 list would be similar to voting a Blu Ray of Star Wars with two extra minutes footage as number one and that won’t do. So like with The Beatles Stereo versions last year Pinkerton must stay at the side but it can be happy to know it is the best music I’ve heard all year, even if most of it is from fourteen years ago. So let us put on our headphones and listen to some Justin Bieber.

Top Five Albums Of 2010: Whatever Joe Ray Thinks. (And click the picture for a link to my blog entries on them or something else like the official site or a photo of a watermelon.)

5. Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier (13th August 2010)

So it starts with a band I find so many around me hate. It makes it all the more satisfying to play it at 10am because of it, the perfect music to wake up to as it makes you want to drive a hammer through something, and not the speakers. Think of music in an adrenaline rush state, drum and bass has the same effect. It is a finely tuned album with some excellent tracks or complicated composition according to the reviews and I have to mosh and agree. The last ballad like track also gives me shivers and reminds me of that depressing film The Road. Till the solo kicks in anyway. Available in a terrible tin special edition. As per usual for a number five entry it was fighting with ‘Weezer – Hurley’ and ‘LCD Soundsystem- This Is Happening’ but I wanted some metal here and didn’t want Weezer to get too cocky after I lavished my love over Pinkerton.

4. Royksopp – Senior (13th September 2010)

I don’t have a blog entry on this. I’ve had the release since around release but never bothered to mention it. A non vocal selection of chilled out music which has a strong feel of life about it. If you shut your eyes and listen to the music I pictured a story forming in my mind about a man’s life and his end. I wrote about five pages in my ideas book about this story and planned to write it as a ten chapter epic for the blog post but I just haven’t found the time. I put the CD on every now and then when I’m starting to stress and it calms me down with the almost haunting sounds, then I fall into my mind and see that story I want to write. Then stress out again. Beautiful electronic music.

3. MGMT – Congratulations (13th April 2010)

MGMT didn’t seem to take off so well with the second album. I saw people ignore it and wish for more radio hits like ‘Kids’ and ‘Time To Pretend’, I saw it damn it! I thought the first album was decent enough so was willing to give it a go and the album I find is a better than the first sticking to the softer sounds. It may not be an amazing album as the songs don’t really stick out that much. Then ‘Siberian Breaks’ plays. The decent album suddenly becomes a masterpiece as the nearing thirteen minute epic plays which contains so much emotion and power overcoming my senses and making me numb. I start uttering the lyrics ‘I hope I die before I get sold.’ while I rock in my room. It’s fine, I always rock when I sit down, perfectly normal.

2. Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (3rd March 2010)

This could have got one if I didn’t begin to hate the album around October time. When I first listened to it in March I was amazed, the album didn’t have an instant classic like ‘Clint Eastwood’ and ‘Feel Good Inc.’ but the tracks sounded good and the whole album had a nice summer atmosphere, you’d want to just sit in the sun with it playing away. But I heard the album on repeat, about five full plays a day for two months straight almost from the next room. I was driven mad by the sounds and I started to loathe and detest everything about it. Instead of sounding like summer it sounded like synth hell and the orchestra parts just beat against my head but it made my number two so something must have happened. Well around the middle of November I saw the band live and the love came back to me and I remembered the good times of listening to it and the bad times faded away. A fantastic album, just don’t play it on repeat for a month, I think any album would drive you mad at that rate.


1. The Knife – Tomorrow, In A Year (1st March 2010)

And number one goes to the album I’ve not found a single person likes but me. People who heard it got confused, they thought it was just noise, they didn’t understand it. When I listened to it I sat in silence for the duration, I didn’t move and I didn’t blink. I just stared as the noises sapped my brain, I felt like the CD had paralysed me in that one spot. Then I felt the noise of distorted birds, shrill opera and the rainforest was a piece of beauty and art. I even gave a presentation so I could share my love for this piece of art. Then a few people began to crawl out of the woodwork, the teacher said it gave him goosebumps, everyone else raised their eyebrows. I then realise I should take my statement about no one liking it but me back as the teacher found a way to love this album too. The tale of Darwin made into a misunderstood masterpiece, it won’t be remembered and will fall into obscurity. But I give it number one in hope that you will at least give it a listen sometime. It isn’t for listening in pieces, it is for listening alone in silence as the story and feeling takes you someplace else. You’re mind will feel refreshed and a little scared by the end. The Knife are true geniuses and they deserve the number one spot for producing something so unconventional and daring.

And those were my choices for the top five albums of 2010. Each album holds some memories for me and each has at least one track which blows me away and makes me well up. And one also features a song about a whistle so let’s not get to sappy ok?


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