New Year Resolution 2011

2011 has jumped through the window! What a mess, I hope it cleans up after itself. I can already see the year being all trouble thanks to that first introduction though I must tell myself first introductions usually suck and I should just watch as things develop.

This is usually the thought of the month time but with the new year here eating everything out of the fridge all I can think of is the resolution for this year as it will shape how everything will go on the surface though you can’t really control or predict how everything will go. So what is it for 1-1-11?

I have a number of resolutions actually, the more you have the more chance you will at least pass one though I’ve tried to throw it all into one description because saying ‘I won’t bite my nails’ doesn’t sound so cool. The resolution is to be like Gin? Who? A fictional kind of guy who is full of confidence but not in the way that will annoy people and to take life as it comes living in the present and not getting too stressed about everything. Sounds like a good way to live even if he isn’t real, I hope I can do it and get some nice boots like his while I’m at it.

Last year was to never give up and to be honest it ends up being one this year too, Gin is just that kind of guy. And I won’t bite my nails.

Happy New Year! I hope you all keep your resolutions!


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