Reborn! Volume 4: Bronco Dino

Reborn! Volume 4: Bronco Dino
Story and Art: Akira Amano
Release Date: 2nd May 2005
Covers Chapters 26-33
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

This volume of Reborn! introduces and focuses on one new character, the head of the Chiavarone family Bronco Dino. Good looking, incredibly cool and Reborn’s last student, he holds a lot of promise from making useless Tsuna become a Mafia boss. Right?

Volume 4 is eight one shot stories of Reborn continuing to torment Tsuna and try to make him the next mafia boss for Vongola. This time the gang stop crooks robbing his mother, Gokudera training to be Tsuna’s right hand man and a visiting day at school. Safe to say all these events go horribly wrong and slap stick humour prevails. The rest of the volume is little events involving Dino and his army of henchman. Giant turtles, beating up gangs, spending time in hospital and taking part in family games at New Year are the fun times Tsuna spends with Dino, more torture for him.

The fun of Dino is despite being incredibly cool and owning a coat I wish I could have, he is useless without his henchmen around him and when this happens he turns into a complete klutz. Whips hitting everyone, falling down the stairs and generally messing every single thing up become his running gag, everyone has to have one in this manga and it entertains. The rather plain stories are brought to light thanks to the silly quirks of the cast and the slap stick always amuses. This volume isn’t quite as funny as the others as it overuses Dino’s gag of being a mess a little too much and it now seems insistent on getting all the characters involved in each chapter which leaves little room to breathe. Reborn! is still an entertaining read though not as funny as the series Gin Tama I’ve been reading a lot of recently which has a similar style of storytelling. Still, where else will you get turtles which grow from water, five-year olds who shoot themselves to turn fifteen for ten minutes and a henchman so loyal he will get hit by cars a few times in the hurry to see his boss in hospital?


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