Reborn! Volume 5: The Zoo

Reborn! Volume 5: The Zoo
Story and Art: Akira Amano
Release Date: 4th July 2005
Covers Chapters 34-42
Shonen Jump Advanced/Viz Media

The power to officially rank things isn’t a power which interests me. I mean, I don’t want to see how far down the rankings I am for everything. A ranking teller called Futa appears this volume and Tsuna gets to have his uselessness ranked. Oh Tsuna.

A new character is thrown into the fray and the fortune-telling provides some new laughs. One thing I really like about Reborn is the rules behind each character’s quirks, it really adds something and stops it from being random slap stick. Futa for example carries a huge book around to rank his findings, when he connects with the ranking planet (so they say) gravity goes all funky around him and things begin to float, then when it rains his readings are wrong. The floating mechanic to his ranking offers some really cool ideas such as making a snow defense. He’s a cute kid and welcome though things are starting to feel a little overcrowded.

Event wise this volume includes the rankings, an attempt to stop poison cooking being mixed with the Valentine’s chocolates, an all out snowball fight, weapon training disguised as baseball training, dojo busters, a malfunction in the ten-year bazooka and a trip to the zoo. As you can see events stay varied even if the stories are a little bland in concept. Thankfully the quirky cast keep things fun and this volume succeeds in delivering laughs much more than last time. I was a little wary Reborn! might get old quick but it manages to keep going, I just hope the strange characters that keep cropping up don’t feel too crammed. I think Tsuna lives without about six other people now! 5 year old Lambo is still my favourite, the way he just acts so annoying with that cute face, to think all the abuse he gets someone would call social security!


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