Bleach Series 04 Part 02

Bleach Series 04 Part 02
Release Date: 1st March 2010
Covers episodes 72-79
Director: Noriyuki Abe
Rating: 12
Manga/Studio Pierrot

Last time I was moaning that this should be series 3 and not series 4 but I did some research and found out that this is actually series 4. Rather than by season, Bleach series on DVD are done by story progress. So series 1 was introduction stories, series 2 was invading Soul Society, series 3 was stopping the execution at Soul Society and series 4 is the Bount. It all makes sense though I still feel it is a way of giving us two discs per set rather than three. Ah well.

Series 04 Part 02 of Bleach continues the Bount storyline, the vampire type people who use strange monsters to fight with. Everything goes incredibly slowly, the first two episodes of this set is wasted on the characters fighting water, exciting as it sounds. Sometimes it feels like things should be getting exciting but it is only a feeling and the excitement never comes. Ichigo faces the main bad guy of the Bount! Ah, why isn’t my heart racing? Why are the attacks so boring. At least the fire attacks from the female Bount look nice. She is the savior of the volume offering some nice depth of character as you come to understand the past of the Bount and her current conflicts and feeling of life. Just a pity she shares these moments with Ishida who has turned into a bit of a moody so and so. He lost his powers, will he get them back? Probably, but at this pace it is going to take a long time.

So Part 02 of series 04 doesn’t really offer much, the story is moving very slowly, three Bounts are defeated though with around eight more villains to go, it is going to take many more episodes for this boring arc to end. If only the fights had some excitement, firing random shots and fighting snakes is not so hot. At least the new opening, a pop song with bad Engrish with pop art style art, is great and really gets me in the mood. Then I see the episodes and the mood goes. Should have used it for when the story was exciting too.


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