Currently Listening To: Weezer – Death To False Metal

Weezer – Death To False Metal
Release Date: 2nd November 2010
Genre: Rock
Geffen Records

What is Death To False Metal? Rivers says it is the next album, just a few months after Hurley while the other members of the band say it is a special release. In truth it is a collection of B-sides and unfinished tracks finished up compiled together. Weezer seem to churn out so much music  they could probably release one of these a year. But is the stuff not fit for the albums any good?

Death To False Metal is a CD which makes me smile. The tracks are all typical happy Weezer with the catchy chorus and easy riff. ‘ None of the tracks stand out as amazing, they all just settle for solid Weezer tracks, probably the stuff which avoids making it as a single but settles near the top of the album to keep people happy. After listening to it numerous times none of the tracks really stick with me, I forget how they go in the first half, though the last few tracks manage to stand out a tad more.

‘Trampoline’ starts off the final stretch of rather decent songs even though it just sings trampoline in some emotional way for most of it, why does it work? ‘The Odd Couple’ is also a fun track which probably would be good enough to make a single just about though only just. It sings off two different people who live together, one has a mac, one has a PC, very geek and cool. Then we top it all off with a cover of ‘Unbreak My Heart’. Really. Death To False Metal is a fun collection of tracks with no real stand outs but it’s fun and that’s fine. Just don’t be expecting an album which has a feeling of careful piecing together of track order and something as good as the recently released ‘Hurley’. For the big Weezer fan. Filler release works.


6 thoughts on “Currently Listening To: Weezer – Death To False Metal

  1. Ahhhhahaha love the cover! Those booklets always made me want to die and go to heaven when I was little…r.
    On the other hand, ‘Unbreak my heart’ cover should have never happened.

  2. I didn’t know about that, I do know – thanks to you and youtune – and it has broken my mind forever.
    See, she has a picture of herself graduating from uni on the wall. Can’t beat higher education.

  3. I think higher education is never what we expect it to be and usually come back at the end of it different people. She soon learnt that after a year of sitting in her house after graduating, the best thing to do was this. And she’s never been happier.

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