Release Date: 2000
Chris Morris
Rating: 18

Jam. Jaaaaaaam. Jam. Distorted and scary the show begins. Chris Morris welcomes everyone in and the dark comedy on people’s twisted lives begins. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Jam is a sketch show about strange situations in people’s lives. It shows humans social awkwardness in situations and twists it. Accepting to drive away in a shrunken car despite complaining is one such example though that is one of the tamer ones. The series goes through a firm which hires idiots as they always win arguments because they don’t realise they’ve lost, a suicide attempt with an escape clause, and turning a baby into a boiler, a few of the collection and you will have noticed as I’ve listed they’ve got stranger. The series can go from hilarious to down right unsettling, a true dark comedy as it goes as sick and evil as it can. Sometimes I laughed and wondered if I should really be laughing at this and other times I just watched in amazement on how they actually got away with this, daring TV.

The presentation helps the darkness being conveyed even further with poor quality video, dubbed over voices and a late night ambient soundtrack always playing over the scenes. Even a normal scene can appear disturbing because of these little touches and the whole thing feels like it should be saved for those nights after 12 when most of the country are asleep. And seeing two men shoot themselves in the ass  is best saved for the early hours of the morning. DVD extras also get the strange treatment with special features such as playing an episode in reverse, fast forward or the episode in a small box. The whole package and show is one surreal experience that I can’t compare to anything else. I could just list the amazing sketches and it would peak interest I’d think. So I’ll finish with five random sketches I liked.

The doctor. He appears in a lot of sketches actually but his phone sex line is the best. As a patient is examined the doctor does his dirty talk on the phone.

Living outside. Chris Morris playing a husband is living outside and talking about the misery of it while his wife tells him the door to the house is always open.

Police scene. As police examine a dead body a large woman and a man in a thong run around playing the B n Bn song. Hilarious but so wrong.

Robbing a store. A man walks into a store and points his gun for cigarettes but pays for them. Gets them free and feels really happy about his success.

Casual parents. Son doesn’t come home from school and the parents act very casual about it, up until they have to collect his body.

If any of that sounds amusing or interesting, I think you’d enjoy Jam. Jaaaaaam.


2 thoughts on “Jam

    • He is, I think some of his prank radio interviews and reports are the best. Search Chris Morris radio on youtube, some gems.

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