Naruto Unleashed Series 9

Naruto Unleashed Series 9
Release Date: 19th April 2010
Covers episodes 209-220
Director: Hayato Date
Rating: 12
Manga/Studio Pierrot

The final stretch, the endurance test is nearly over as this DVD set of Naruto finally ends the filler nightmare. But while this knowledge is here, it doesn’t stop the fact 12 more episodes have to be sat through before the completionist can finally pass out in boredom and exhaustion. Does Naruto Part 1 end with a bang or a whimper?

Three more mini arcs of filler is what we get with the last set. Naruto gets teamed up randomly with other characters and goes on an adventure to beat up badly designed filler villains. Story one has him protecting a criminal as he tries to escort him to the police, story two has him working with a boy who has amnesia and story three has him going to protect Gaara from bad guys. Just these little descriptions sound tiring and the badly animated tedium is what you get.

The first story is predictable and slow paced, it feels like it will never end and it is only four episodes long. The fights look awful and it just feels like it has all be seen before, probably in a previous filler. The minute you see the big guy you know he isn’t so bad and the villains are taken out with the usual Rasegan. The second story with the amnesia boy fares better as the character is actually likeable and the way the story pans out isn’t so happy typical filler and manages to evoke some of the Naruto spirit which has been missing for so long. Story three is the most soul crushing five episodes ever, terrible villains and terrible fights, everything is just terrible. Gaara is dumbed down to try to add some threat but you know Naruto and gang will be able to beat these clowns with little difficulty.The floating dead guy is just a laugh.

Then the final few minutes of the last episode come and Naruto is finally ready to leave the village for two years and train with Jiraiya. Finally it has come and suddenly feeling that excitement again makes me almost forget all that has happened between me and him. He pumps his fist to the screen as he looks to the Hokage statues and I’m ready for more. Naruto at its best is exciting fights and the desire to find out what happens next, pushing through the episodes one after the other. The filler was hell but with the preview for the next series ‘Shippuden’ I could only thing of the good times. The final set is full of average to terrible episodes but I wouldn’t put you off Shippuden now it has finally appeared. Forget series 6:2 to 9 ever happened, it’s hard I know.


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