Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye 007
Format: Nintendo Wii
Players: 1-4
Online: 2-8
Genre: First Person Shooter
Release Date: 5th November 2010
Activision, Eurocom, MGM

Goldeneye 007 was a decent Bond film with an amazing Bond game on the N64. Everyone loved it and while it may feel just a little different than we remember back in the day if we went back to play it, it is still a classic game a lot of people hold dearly in their gaming memories. EA tried to cash in on our fond memories with the awful game Goldeneye Rogue Agent and now Activision have decided to cash in on our memories with a re-imaging of the original game and movie. I don’t think anyone really wanted a different game with the same name but we got it anyway.

Goldeneye on the wii then is Call Of Duty reskinned with the Bond license. Regenerating health, grenade warning icons and the same controls everyone is used to in COD are present and if the game didn’t have the Bond music score and the characters you’d think this was Black Ops 2 or something. Not that COD is a bad game to base the mechanics off just that the Goldeneye we all love plays nothing like COD. The single player is a linear explosion fest with set pieces breaking up the shooting and it is a cinematic experience. The story is better told than the original game even though the modern-day telling means we have to suffer a mobile phone being the only gadget and the awesome train of the original being a rubbish shiny white monstrosity. Why does 006 have such short hair?  Daniel Craig? But it has some set pieces of the film which the N64 game just didn’t do in the same way, very movie like and exciting, a lot of button timed events which every game has to include by law. Each difficulty adds new objectives to accomplish like te old days but the lack of fun bonus levels from old Bond films and unlockables for beating times or difficulties like the N64 game means it isn’t as replayable. Lack of incentive means a lot.

The multiplayer feels like Lesser COD. Online you level up, customise weapon loadouts and use perks such as blowing up when dying or extra accuracy for example. It is fun to play as I actually don’t suck at this compared to COD but it won’t satisfy for the COD veteran, for the lesser skilled online players it is a less stressful experience however and some Bond themed modes such as Golden Gun (find the gun for one hit kills and extra points!) is a nice touch. Split screen has fun little modifiers too such as exploding on contact, exploding when standing still, exploding bouncy grenades, and other explosive things. It adds some fun but bots would have been nice, plus it isn’t as good as the N64 split screen. It offers wii controls, classic controls and  Gamecube controls which is nice but make sure to check what buttons are what when playing, it can get awkward. Z and B to melee on the GC controller?! When does this wii version win anything?

Everything in Goldeneye on the wii is good. The single player is exciting, the online is fun if sedate and the splitscreen is fun but not as fun as the older game. I’m trying to think what purpose this game has when comparing it to the older game and COD but then doesn’t just being a good game count for something? As long as you don’t expect a remake or a better game than those memories tell you, Goldeneye is a worthy game to own full of entertainment and Bond. Plus the golden classic pro pad you can get in the special edition is super lovely. Unless you hate the colour gold.



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