Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Guitar Hero Aerosmith
Format: Xbox 360
Players: 1-2
Online: 1-2

Genre: Music Rhythm
Release Date: 26th June 2008
Activision, Neversoft, Red Octane

After playing through games like Rock Band 3 which attempt to replicate real music with those pro instruments and offer an itunes style store with weekly releases, I decided to go back to the time when you bought the game, played with the five buttoned guitars and made do with the tracks on the disc. Simpler times when Bass was hidden for the better. And don’t forget to add some Aerosmith, do you like Aerosmith?

If you don’t there isn’t much for you here, about twelve non-Aerosmith songs while the rest of the disc is all Aerosmith. I like Aerosmith, the well known songs like ‘Cryin’ and ‘Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’. Which aren’t on this. At least there is ‘Pink’, ‘Dream On’, ‘Love In An Elevator’ and ‘Kings And Queens’ to keep me happy. Run DMC even makes an appearance so we can play the rather fun ‘Walk This Way’ which I was addicted to back in 08, I just didn’t really play much of this though hence why I’m reviewing it in 2011. The track list is overall decent though, the covering act bands can be great with Stone Temple Pilots, The Clash and The Cult offering some of the best tracks on the disc, just can’t get enough of ‘Sex Type Thing’. A shame that about half the covering acts (so about six songs out of twelve) are covers, I’m not used to covers anymore.

Gameplay wise it is Guitar Hero without the drum and microphone modes, you even have to look around for Bass. It’s fun as it ever was and has different difficulties for all. Battle mode is also present which a lot of people hated back in Guitar Hero 3 as you faced the devil (I think it was the devil, I hope my memory isn’t failing me) but it only crops up once here unless you enjoy playing online (which is pretty dead here) so it isn’t all bad. That is the button pressing but with added power ups. Double notes, stuck buttons and rabid whammy flicking await.

It’s all good and feels simple compared to today’s music games, but I kind of like that. Seeing Aerosmith talk rubbish in videos and playing as them at famous venues such as when they did an American Football gig thing adds a nice band feel. But they could have picked some of the more popular Aerosmith tracks and if you don’t like them you can get lost, this isn’t for you. I will carry on staring at their flashy shows while pressing those buttons. Then I remember I’m not playing a guitar again and panic. Train kept a rolling all night long…



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