30 Days Of Night Textual Intervention

An archive of minutes 6-10 of the film 30 Days of Night. This really was meant to happen but they changed it last minute when they decided vampire things are better. Sorry for the non script like format, wordpress likes doing this to me but you can get an idea. Fighting with the format which is WordPress is much the same as walking into hell and challenging the devil at Uno. I always lose, just remember speech should be in the middle and forgive me and this place. Funny thing is, format was what let me down in marks for this piece but the format was far better than this, I know the bare bones of script making! I’ll try and get the next script I put up in a correct format mainly because I know that format is correct so I would feel bad messing it up while this time I don’t really mind my bad format going even badder, though the amount of complaining here suggests I do care and wish WordPress would take copy and pasting seriously. Write it out from scratch? I’m sure WP would think of something, when I write stories on here sometimes I know it despises paragraphs and throws them out like stray children. I’ve never actually seen 30 Days of Night.

30 Days Of Night Textual Intervention

Stella waves her arms and SHOUTS at the ditch driller to stop. She stands on the road next to her 4 x4, the surrounding area is just snow for miles and not a person in sight.



What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Crazy driver.

The ditch driller JUDDERS to a stop in the middle of the road. The lights go out and the ditch driller is now blocking both lanes. Stella grabs a torch from the back of her 4 x 4 and shines the light on the ditch driller. She moves the light to the window which appears to be frosted over.


Come out now… so I can see your face.

She starts to walk slowly to the ditch driller and clutches the torch with both hands. As she breathes you can it in the icy air. As she walks past her 4 x4 she hears a CLICK from the ditch driller door.


The front door opens and Billy and Eben enter. JOHN RII moves his arm to gesture them to the living room. John Rii is a man in his 50’s, well built with a thick beard and covered in thick winter jackets. He has tears in his eyes.

The living room is dimly lit by a bulb without a light shade. A stuffed bear stands in the corner with stuffed mounts lining the walls. Eben holds his mouth as he walks in due to a strong smell coming from the room. On the carpet lie four dead huskies, blood seeping on a large cloth sheet.


Jesus Christ.


I’m sorry; I had to bring them in. I couldn’t just leave them out there.

Billy walks up to the dogs and crouches down to get a closer look. Knife wounds smother the husky bodies of all four; the chest of one is torn open, the innards hanging out.


I understand Mr. Rii. Did you see or hear anything when this happened?

John Rii shakes his head as he cries.


Just the cries of my Huskies.


Ok, we’ll find the person who went and did this. We’re just going to check out back in the garden if that is ok?




Eben and Billy step out the back door to the yard. It’s now pitch black. Eben and Billy switch their torches on and scan the area. The yard is covered in snow and dark blood stains are scattered across.


I never expected to see a

man like John reduced to tears.


I think it’s understandable when

his dogs have been slaughtered.


You think it’s another kid’s prank?


I’d say this goes a little further than a prank Eben. Damn, everything always seems to go to pot round this time of year. Let’s check the diner like you suggested earlier.

The two men move to head back into Rii’s but Eben stops as he sees a dark shape peeking round the corner of the yard. Eben flashes his torch to alert Billy of what he’s seen. Billy walks in front of Eben and signals his hand for the two to move forwards. As they creep nearer they here the shadow talk.


Never touch them.


The ditch driller door has opened and in front of Stella stands PLASTICINE MONSTER. The figure is that of a pink naked human but as a shell with no distinguishing features. The skin is bumpy like plasticine and the face is shrouded by a hood which loosely drapes the upper area of the plasticine monster. Stella looks startled and slowly backs away.


Wha- I don’t even know…

The plasticine monster remains motionless; it just stands without making a noise or a single movement. It starts to snow, going from soft flakes to a heavy downfall as the two just look at each other. As the snow storm has begun Stella pushes forwards to the plasticine monster again.

Now standing next to the plasticine monster she cautiously reaches her hand out to remove the jacket concealing the head. She touches the jacket and pulls it off. It falls to the floor and she SCREAMS.


Billy and Eben rush through the back alley away from the yard in pursuit of the Stranger. He is surprisingly nimble, jumping a hurdle of bins. Billy kicks the bins which causes a loud CLATTER and the contents SPILL out. They continue their chase.

(breathing heavily)

Stop right now!

Stranger rushes round the next corner and to Eben and Billy’s surprise the man has vanished completely on a dead end. The two look around in confusion. The wall has a piece of graffiti with the words LIGHTS OUT scrawled on a cartoon broken down robot.


Shit shit shit! Where the hell did he go?


You think he was the one who did it?


Any man who runs as soon as he’s seen is suspicious

and did you see what fell out of the bin?

Billy shakes his head and looks quizzically at Eben.


Phones Billy. Burnt out cell phones.


Stella is on the floor with her hand on her face in shock. The plasticine monster’s face can be seen, it is a blank face devoid of features minus three holes which look like a thumb has pushed on the face to create them. Two hollow eye holes and a gaping hole for the mouth. The plasticine monster still stands still.


W-what is this thing?

She bites her lip and stands back up and flashes her torch on the window of the ditch driller.


Is this some kind of sick joke sending out a model? It isn’t funny; it’s like some kids prank!

No reply comes from the ditch driver. Stella SIGHS and moves towards the vehicle. As she moves her torch shines on the plasticine monster’s face. A sudden SHRILL MOAN fills the area.

Stella stares at the plasticine monster. It begins to VIBRATE, its head tilts to look at Stella. Stella quickly rushes back to her 4 x 4 and SHRIEKS as she goes. The plasticine monster with its arms still by the side runs towards her in stop motion. She YANKS her 4 x 4 door open and SLAMS the door shut with her in it.


The plasticine monster hits the front of the car with a SOFT THUD. It stops moving.



Go away go away go away go away go away go away…

The plasticine monster starts to slide towards the window. It’s upper body is bending away from the lower body as it stretches. The body begins to wrap around the 4 x 4, it’s arms still by its side. Stella SCREAMS madly as she REVS her vehicle up. The plasticine monster’s fingers drip through the bonnet before it slumps onto the window and stops moving.


(Heavy breathing)

Ha…haa It’s dead?

Streams of the plasticine monster pour out of the 4 x 4 air conditioning. The strings of the monsters fragments flail at Stella who tries to lean back. She waves her hand to push them away and touches one of the pieces of string. Like toothpaste pours from a tube the plasticine monster pours out of the air conditioning and the monster embraces her, it’s hollow expression a hair’s breath away from Stella’s face.

Stella’s eyes turn red before they close. The torch’s light in the 4 x 4 goes out. Everything has gone quiet with the lights going out on the car and engine dying down. The snow storm is now a blizzard.


It is now night, any sign of sun has gone and now the source of light comes from streets lights outside the diner and the diner itself. Tom is sat on a stool looking out at the street while eating a mint ice cream. He looks bored which can be seen in the way he slowly licks the ice cream.

The diner is a typical 50’s style place with red leather chairs and a checkered floor. It is pretty grimy needing a much needed mop but the gathering of regulars drinking whiskey and coffee seem to be too busy in their lives to worry about the condition. 70’S MUSIC parps through the jukebox.

Eben and Billy walk on through the diner entrance and nod to the WAITER. Eben looks to Tom and frowns.


Ice cream in this weather? You must be mad.


Ice cream is best when you can appreciate it in the cold. You cops look rough, long day?


It’s going to be a longer night that’s for certain anyway.


You’re right there. A month of no Vanessa. Oh how will I cope!

Tom hugs himself in a comedic fashion. Billy and Eben walk past Tom to sit down on the back table by the juke box. Billy gesture the waiter showing two with his fingers. The waiter nods and walks off.


(to self)

Pft, how boring.

He licks his ice cream and rests his head on his hands and YAWNS.

The waiter serves Billy and Eben two cups of steaming coffee.


We need to think on everything we’ve seen so far.


A summary? I love those. Where shall we start? The phones.



Eben turns round in surprise to see Tom standing behind them holding his ice cream. He licks it and gives a sheepish grin.


Snooping into people’s conversations? You’re a bad kid Tom.


I was just thinking that I’ve lost my phone. I haven’t been able to contact Vanessa.


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