Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew, I heard so much about you. Those Americans love it and a some guy I know likes to big it up. He seems to have fond memories of the stuff despite not actually being from America, did they sell it here at one point? Well they sell it here now (or again) and after he said this UK version is disgusting I had to try it out, the bottle looks like it glows, most energy drink stuff comes from nuclear power plants after all. It was a replacement from the daily bottle of Lucozade I’ve been buying recently, you just think of that burst of energy and that fizz in the mouth, mmm. 

Mountain Dew is citrus flavour and tastes fizzy yet flat at the same time. The citrus is sweet but it doesn’t feel like it attacks the senses as much as Lucozade does to me. It tastes nicer than those canned energy drinks you can buy though, I like the sweetness and found it to be the most pleasant of the energy drinks I’ve tried. It doesn’t glow in the dark which was disappointing and I’m not sure it made me too energetic, it came around a time when I found a cure to my lack of energy. The pills versus the drink. I choose the pills.

It isn’t disgusting though.


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