Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Bunnies

Mmm what do we have here? Two rabbits caught in the wild and covered in chocolate alive. Then they throw them into the shops and everyone starts eating chocolate coated rabbits with soft gooey centres. At least they come in twos so the rabbits don’t go alone. 

I didn’t realise Cadbury still had the Caramel Bunny. I looked it up and found you can buy her droplets which is kind of gross and now she is flogging her kids off as edible sweets. Obviously there comes a time when I wake up and realise these are just the standard Dairy Milk Caramel bars in the shape of two small rabbits but I can let my imagination run a little as I try to pin the Caramel Bunny as being somewhat evil. The chocolate under her caramel brand is good though, if a bit sticky if you let things ooze.

I think this is a reminder that Easter is coming though maybe they sell these all year round, they don’t say ‘NEW’ or anything. It is a cute way to sell a bar of chocolate though and it can go in the same line as eating chocolate frogs and chocolate cockroaches. But I only get the latter from under the counter, and they taste a little crunchy.


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