Film: Airplane!
Release Date: 2nd July 1980
Director: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
Rating: 15
Paramount Pictures

Leslie Neilsen’s passing late last year was a sad one, so to remember the great actor I chose to watch Airplane! again. Sad to say I used to get this film mixed up with Con Air from memory and because of it created an unpleasant memory of the film. My Japanese teacher who always taught in metaphors liked to quote Con Air and I accidentally associated the quotes with this. No bunny in the box here.

Airplane! is a silly type of film you don’t really see anymore, at least the modern versions of this type of dumb yet entertaining comedy isn’t so apparently cheap, every new film has to look so shiny these days. Here Airplane! enjoys slapstick, inflatable emergency pilots, over the top characterisations and  fish which makes you ill. Things won’t make too much sense as characters kill themselves on the flight when listening to the main character Ted Strikers story of his fears of flight and trying to win over his ex-girlfriend once more  but you run with it because running with it means you will laugh a lot otherwise you’ll just switch it off and miss out on all the fun. A silly film I’m sure most will have seen with great lines such as ‘Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue!’  and all the scenes with the captain of the plane and the boy visiting. ‘Joey, have you ever been in… a Turkish prison? ‘ Every line is a joke and every scene has some silly moments,  I wish it was my first time. Snakes On A Plane and Airplane! are probably the best comedy air films with the risk of a collision.


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