January 2010, I mean 2011. Then it hits me.

2008 felt so long ago, years feel like years, then those years turned to months, now they feel like a few weeks. Gin said this would happen!

So as January ends it sinks in the year is 2011 but does it really matter? Worrying about the speed of time by counting years, months, weeks and days is an unnecessary attachment. Be free of all these attachments! I’m reading zen and the further I get through the book the more I think about these things but thinking is also something negative. Slowly but surely I will see the day and live like the person in that Gorillaz song 19-200.

January also had some interesting change of events as I follow more than just a zen book for my day-to-day life. This month I have eating scary vegetarian food, checked my house for dead bodies, been a special agent for the day and given people the finger discreetly but not to you. A book called ‘This Book Will Change Your Life’ has been in effect and while I’m not going to hand myself into the police for no reason, it is a fun book to follow. Plus now I’ve gotten decent grades in my course from last term and started to get a grip of everything I can follow it with more ambition now! The Book To Getting Arrested. Here is a pic of me trying to do a self-portrait photo as one of the daily tasks. It told me I need a haircut and to wake up.

Then the month closed and it felt like such a short time. But a month is just a month, what is a month? Tomorrow I will sit and listen in on phone conversations while thinking ‘I don’t know’ to all of my problems. Then I’ll wonder what I can eat now I’ve realised my chicken slices in the fridge taste and smell off even though they aren’t. I’m also on a budget shop you see after a splurge of expensive items, or more like a planning of a splurge of expensive items. A student shouldn’t be thinking of these things when they can barely feed themselves! I do have an attachment to fancy tech, another thing to get rid of!

The short month with the love day will be filled with epic writing. Screens stories and comics to write! Well no need for the plural. Hope it gets warmer. I’ll try harder next month. KATZ!


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