Spongebob Squarepants Halloween

Spongebob Squarepants Halloween
Release Date: 20th October 2003
Creator: Stephen Hillenburg
Rating: U

Happy Halloween! Well, a happy late Halloween as that was quite a while back or maybe a super early Halloween as it is quite a way off. The problem with festive themed DVD collections is you feel a little wrong watching them when the events aren’t near, it didn’t stop Bleach from having a Halloween episode a few weeks ago though, but Bleach likes to embarrass itself. Still this collection only has one Halloween episode and the rest are either vaguely horror related or not at all so it matters not. Be prepared for some intense scares. Thought Dead Space 2 was scary? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The collection is of ten episodes, five Halloween episodes and 5 bonus episodes, it seems they couldn’t find ten horror/monster related episodes so they just called the 5 unrelated ones bonuses. Even some of the horror episodes seem fishy… are people scared of robots? I guess ghosts, evil drawings, squid transformations and Halloween costumes count though, maybe the latter just about. Still who cares, I’m just being picky because I get picky about things like this. Like how my One Piece collection older volumes aren’t in line with the new ones because they’ve now added arc titles on the covers… I’m going off on tangents again!

The episodes are good, Spongebob takes one idea, stretches it out but its funny for kids and adults alike. The characters are cute, the stories are simple and the jokes reach every level, a successful series amidst all the garbage that hangs around kids TV these days. Not that I research kids TV, much. So, ten episodes? Here are my super mini verdicts!

Scaredy Pants: Spongebob wants to be scary so tries to make the ultimate costume. Amusing but the ending made me sick.

Imitation Krabs: Evil Plankton disguises himself as Mr. Krabs (robot version) to try to find out the secret ingredient of the Krusty Krab from Spongebob. Back and forth and pretty repetitive. Super secret passwords included.

Frankendoodle: An artist drops a pen which is magic in the world of Spongebob bringing drawings to life but a picture of Spongebob is causing havoc. Funny with a hint of thriller, was good enough to get a DS game which received decent reviews.

I Was A Teenage Gary: Gary is ill after Squidward forgot to look after him probably so obtains a needle. Injects it into Spongebob by accident leading to An American Werewolf-esque transformation. Brilliant.

Squidward, The Unfriendly Ghost: Spongebob and Patrick think they killed Squidward which Squidward uses to his advantage. Pamper the ghost and a fun plot of trying to put him at rest.

The Secret Box: What is in Patrick’s secret box? Stretched to breaking point but includes a brilliant scene with Spongebob infiltrating Patrick’s house with every movement making crazy noises.

Band Geeks: Squidward forms a marching band! Annoying noises all episode till the amazing ending which is similar to how the movie ended. Kinda.

Welcome To The Chum Bucket: Mr. Krabs loses a game of cards against Plankton and bet Spongebob! Now Spongebob must work at The Chum Bucket but he is having problems getting in the mood.  Clever transformation of Spongebob as he gets what he wants and provides laughs.

My Pretty Seahorse: Spongebob looks after a seahorse. I forgot what happens in this episode which probably says it all. Features lots of hiding.

Idiot Box: Use your *imagination* and jump into Spongebob’s box. A world of adventure which you can hear but can’t see, drives Squidward mad. Amazing even though I predicted the ending.

So there you go, Spongebob is a pretty awesome cartoon even if it doesn’t feel like Halloween!


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