One Piece Volume 33: Davy Back Fight!!

One Piece Volume 33: Davy Back Fight!!
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th June 2004
Covers Chapters 306-316
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

Luffy enters his crew into the Davy Back Fight this time round, a three round pirate competition with the crew members as the prizes! Will Luffy gain new members or lose it all?

Volume 33 is one content packed volume as the Straw Hats participate in this competition against the Dick Dastardly style villain Foxy and his crew. Three games are played in total and the winner can claim any member from the opposite crew or the flag. Boat racing, human football and fighting are the events on offer and each one brings something new and exciting to the game. Instead of the one on one fights that usually take place when facing enemies in the story, the crew split up into teams to take part in these events. The rather plain island setting seems to be because of all the crazy festival stores Foxy’s crew is putting place so we can just focus on the events and the characters.

Foxy’s crew is varied thanks to him winning so many of these games, 920 victories in fact so we have giants and fishmen to keep things varied. Foxy himself has an interesting power of his own with the ‘Slow Slow beam’ which helps his team win in slightly devious and rule breaking ways, if he hadn’t twisted the rules in his favour that is. The story is rarely serious in these moments and while the risk of losing crew members is high, the arc seems stationed just to deliver laughs which is a great refreshing decision after the long epic Skypiea. Panels are crammed with jokes and action and while everything seems slightly fillerish, this seems to be in no way advancing the plot, it is some of the best One Piece yet.

The volume ends on one of the most spine tingling cool moments too as Luffy dons an afro as seen by the volume cover. A fight takes place on a ship full of crazy traps, it’s almost like those old Wacky Racer cartoons as Foxy tries devious methods to beat the mighty Luffy, one hilarious moment is his cruddy get ups Luffy can’t help but be tricked by. With the power of the fro will Luffy win the competition? Cliff hangers mean we won’t find out till next time but with the variety of ideas thrown about here One Piece is on a crazy sugar doses high. It’s like a circus with the exotic characters and colourful events, Oda has let his imagination explode onto the page.


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