Half Term 2011 Number 1

Half term begins now I’ve had a meeting over my comic today. Things have gone pretty quick since coming back in January and already we enter month two of 2011 and even that month is about a third done. So how was the first month and a bit back at uni?

Classes are in the same format as last term, Screen on a Monday morning and Short Story on a Tuesday afternoon. Independent study has also entered the fray but that doesn’t feature classes, just three meetings till the April/May deadline. I have a thirty minute screen piece, a short story and a comic on the go, exciting things to work on! Though I only tell myself these things now as my mind was floating elsewhere lately. Work to do? Oh, ok, yeah, whatever. I think we all face this as we put other things of importance down. Still, I managed to form ideas of end of the world, anti-heroes of the literal sense and fake gangs. Not all bad at all.

But I finish the half term on a low. You know how one day everything will be great then the next everything that was great is no longer something which can be great? Yeah, that’s how it is. I think it comes from the realisation that I’m not a very interesting or worthwhile person. Thus the words fill the page and everything gets quieter, the once stirring moments no longer so stirring as everything slowly becomes detached.

But with half term beginning and the final stretch of lessons and deadlines for year two preparing to open up, I should be kept busy, then things may be great once more. The first part of the year is the worst part of the year as they say.



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