One Piece Volume 42: Pirates Vs. CP9

One Piece Volume 42: pirates Vs. CP9
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th July 2006
Covers Chapters 400-409
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

The fight in the Tower of Justice begins! Five CP9 members versus the Straw Hats and Franky, a fight for the keys to save Robin who is heading through the Gates of Justice. We’ve been waiting for this! Cha pa pa pa!

Volume 42 is all fighting between the good and the bad through this tall tower. These are the big bads of the arc so you can see these fights are going to be intense, everyone gets matched up within the first chapter and the fights all happen at the same time mixing to and fro between each other. One thing of interest is how the locations of these matches are all within the tower and characters can end up in other fights when the building begins to fall apart. This means you get characters switching opponents or sudden teaming up which is great as you can’t predict the outcome and it keeps things exciting. This idea makes the tower actually feel like one place rather than separate areas for the brawls to go on. A feeling of place is something series such as Bleach miss and One Piece always have, the Justice Tower is one cool place with kitchens, tea rooms and indoor gardens awaiting.

The fights themselves are even better than the train attack I was gushing about in volume 39. Ramen chefs and invincible Franky mode have been beaten by talking giraffe sword fighting, the evil powers of soap and Franky’s tracking cannon. In fact anything Franky does seems to be golden as he shows off his hilarious cyborg powers, I particularly like how he powers up on cola like Popeye does on spinach. Other highlights include Sniper King being used as one of Zolo’s swords and Chopper getting serious for the first time in ages, leading to some terrifying results. Everything is imaginative and each page manages to bring something to the table with regards to how you’ll react. I had shock! Then laughter! Then a sense of cool! How can a talking giraffe be hilarious and cool at the same time?! One Piece might bring serious situations with it but it always has fun characters and crazy attacks. I really like how the CP9 all seem to have animal type features; wolves, owls, sheep, giraffes, leopards and lions plus that sword of Spandam’s which turns into an elephant!

The volume is an awesome start to the fights. Franky continues to be amazing and the other Straw Hats get some rather entertaining fights. New moves are thrown around from both sides and the outcome is still uncertain, who will win the remaining fights and will Luffy be able to beat Lucci! So close to the Gates of Justice, keep fighting pirates!


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