Why does he collect all those pills and why do ghosts chase him? Everyone has probably thought of this and I think of it all the time, it’s why I can’t sleep at the minute and feel like tearing my eyes out, they would then fall on the floor and be eaten by that Pac-Man in the back of my mind who mistakes them for pills. Why am i talking about Pac-Man? I was recently playing the original on the Xbox and I thought what a perfect game this is. Until the big pills stop working after so many stages and it gets too tough. But why mention it?

I got a brain wave when playing the game you see. Such a simple idea the game is without trying to be complicated, being complicated would just ruin things. Collect pills, dodge ghosts, get big pill, chase ghosts. Amazing! So I want to write really simple stories on this blog, like super short ones every day. Man opens door, many shuts door! Man gets post, man leaves door open!  Man sits on toilet. Man stands above toilet! Man eats sandwich and breaks toilet! Wow!

So they won’t be that simple and I’ve done it before, but Pac-Man taught me my blog has gone astray.  Thank you Pac-Man, you’re a real man, I will sit and listen to you go ‘waka waka’ all day long. If you haven’t played Pac-Man I suggest you do, it’s a really fun game and there are about a million versions of it, free or otherwise. I like this arcade perfect Xbox version because of the nice background but any will do. Play it and you will also see an answer on how you should be doing things. Because of it I can give the blog a much-needed sprinkle.

Or alternatively. Pac-Man is an old arcade game about a blob which eats dots. The gameplay is simple yet rewarding as you learn the tactics to avoid ghosts after …. zzzzzzz.


One thought on “Pac-Man

  1. Poor Pac-Man ended up in a piece of writing which makes little sense! It was late but the little guy genuinely inspired me to go and give my blog a kick so it would be as simple yet exciting as the game!

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