Welcome to the One Piece blog

Is how it seems these days, I mean you get in a bit of a pinch and the only cure seems to be buying stack loads of One Piece! I’ve bought far too many volumes of the series in the last month and my wallet feels it, but it shouldn’t be going through this situation because I’m trying to save. You know impulse shopping is what cures the mind and soul, seeing Luffy on his great adventure makes me smile and pumps me full of confidence.
Today I walked through town with a clear mind after watching the tenth (tenth!) One Piece movie last night and writing kind words about how much I love the Water Seven saga. I felt free and ready to embark on an adventure to be the King of Delinquents! Wait… no, the king of writers would be a better fit. Still I’m on my adventure looking for the first member of the team but ended up buying more One Piece as a belated Valentine’s gift to myself, what? No one else would ever buy me something on that commercial powered day. So I ended up reading Luffy’s adventure again and not going on my own. I think I’ll start being money wise from now on… now!


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