One Piece Volume 43: Legend Of A Hero

One Piece Volume 43: Legend Of A Hero
Story and Art: Eiichiro Oda
Release Date: 4th September 2006
Covers Chapters 410-419
Shonen Jump/Viz Media

The pirates (and Franky) versus the government secret agency CP9 continues! The building is falling apart, Chopper has gone mad, a Buster Call has been summoned and Robin is about to go through the Gates of Justice! Will Luffy and co be able to save her and get out of here alive? The fight for the keys is getting intense.

Part two of the Tower of Justice fights is as exciting as the part one, two of the CP9 members have been defeated and it is up to the Straw Hats to finish off the rest. Rather than switching between all the fights, things stay more focussed this time as the fights get full coverage to completion. We have Zolo against the talking giraffe Kaku, Sanji vs the wolf man Jabra and Nami facing hot bubble secretary Kalifa, not forgetting Luffy is facing the big bad Rob Lucci. All the fights are full of more crazy ideas and moves and it is great to see Nami finally get a fight without showing any fear. Usopp gets a little pushed aside but the story suggests he can do things others can’t, no character is left out.

The fights are full of new moves and some feel they have come from nowhere. Sanji can set his feet on fire, Zolo can summon another two bodies for a nine style attack; an illusion of sorts. These moves have had no foreshadowing or build up previously unlike Luffy who at least commented that he had some new moves to show before his Gear moves were used but they are so ridiculous and cool it doesn’t really matter. It is best to say these moves are learned between islands when we don’t see the full voyage, better than volume long training arcs at least.

The enemy have some great moves too but Kaku the talking giraffe man steals the show. A box like creature which does things a giraffe can’t, and the joke about making up move names as you go along is great. Pasta machine! The awesome art design of the character and the way Zolo and Kaku clash make it one of my favourite fights in the whole series and the almost robotic feel to the giraffe moves manages to be daft and cool at the same time, now wonder he is the highest ranked CP9 member in the character polls at the end of the volume.

The fights are nearly over with just Luffy and Lucci to go. Will they save Robin, it looks like they are so close but with the strongest CP9 member left and a buster call coming things aren’t looking so good.


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