The Complete Toy Story Collection

The Complete Toy Story Collection
Release Date: 22nd November 2010
Director: Lee Unkrich, John Lasseter, Ash Brannon
Rating: PG
Disney/ Pixar

All the toys under one collection! With Toy Story 3 appearing in cinemas last year I expected a trilogy box set and here it is. Three classic films I’m sure everyone loves about toys coming to life, no wonder mine always went missing. Hundred words (ish) a piece I will share my thoughts on this amazing trilogy of cgi animated films.

Toy Story

The story of jealousy. Woody the cowboy is the most popular toy in the room till space ranger Buzz Lightyear appears to steal all his popularity away. Not having this, Woody tricks Buzz and ends up sending him flying out the house. Things don’t go too well for Woody either as they both become separate from the house and end up in possession of a torturous child. A film I can almost remember every word and one which used to scare me thanks to those messed up toys at Sid’s. Best scene has to be Buzz realising he’s a toy.

Toy Story 2

The one I’ve only seen twice. The first time I disliked it and I don’t know why, all I remember is the chubby man stealing Woody due to his vintage worth and a farting cowboy in the outtakes. Watching it again this is an excellent film full of ideas; every minute is full of great ideas and jokes. Buzz and the gang set out to save Woody while the cowboy himself sees his past toy line and starts to consider going to the museum to remain immortal and not cast away in the attic. The cone crossing road bit is hysterical.

Toy Story 3

It has been a long time between releases of a new Toy Story 3, but the finale manages to remain true to the films and even surpassing them! Andy, the owner of the main toys, has grown up and ready for college. This leaves doubts on the future of the toys being played with and they end up at a daycare centre with the promise of lots of fun. Of course things don’t turn out that way and they must escape prison break style. It is a decent film till they attempt to break out, then it becomes amazing. A tear jerking ending and some ingenious set pieces and details await.

Ah the memories, it was really nostalgic going through them one after another and seeing the characters grow and develop. When you see Andy as a kid in the first one to being a teenager in the new, well it brings tears to the eyes. Animation can be just as powerful and brilliant as live action and getting so much emotion and feeling for toys is a great feat indeed. My favourite is probably the first but I like each one almost equally. Even two which I used to remember hated become something I love. To me this is the perfect trilogy. It makes me think of my toys and wonder where they could be now. One Gogo was my Woody, my favourite Lego man was my Buzz. I liked to play with smaller toys it seemed but I remember imagining my whole house as one giant world decaying and falling apart with the stairs being the mighty canyon, my sister’s room the ocean. The freedom of the world was outside but the giant battleship was planning to nuke everyone before they got there! It really only feels like last week when I was playing with them.


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