Snakes On A Plane

Film: Snakes On A Plane
Release Date: 17th August 2006
Director: David R. Ellis
Rating: 15
New Line Cinema

‘So you’ve heard about Snakes On A Plane? What’s that about?’ joked Henry Rollins back in 1998. 2006 we have a film called Snakes On A Plane. Funny world.

Snakes On A Plane is pure B movie and this is my third time viewing the film. It’s a story about vicious cats being let loose on a cruise ship and everyone must fend themselves off. Or snakes on a plane, yeah. To give a good excuse of these creatures to be causing havoc on the plane, the story has some evil guy who gets one of his men to hoard them on the plane so they can kill a witness who saw them kill someone. Simple and hardly important to the crux of the matter, this witness doesn’t do much important within the film as Samuel L Jackson, badass FBI Agent Flynn takes centre stage. Throw in a varied cast of passengers such as a man scared of flights, snobby woman with little rat dog, a parent, two kids alone and a celebrity and we are on our way for a good time.

Though there isn’t much snakes can do in a plane. Sure there is a claustrophobic feeling and the fight of crashing but the snakes themselves just jump up and bite people, again and again. Sometimes it can be funny when you have them killing people in the middle of intercourse and a little dog sacrifice, but most the time the biting is just frantic filling scenes between the funny lines and the occasional awesome set piece. Still it is hard not to have a good time when Samuel L Jackson is present and the scenes roll by quickly. Just need to switch that brain off, power it down.

I think the main reason it isn’t as great as I thought it would be and why I like it less each time I watch it, is because it isn’t as crazy as it could be. Snakes On A Plane sounds silly, the internet went and bigged it up like the best thing in the world and Samuel L Jackson was on board ready to bring his cool. Everything was in place for it to be the best plan crisis film since Airplane! yet it comes off as a standard action film with a few silly moments and one of the best lines in cinema history. ‘I’m sick of these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!’ It all seems a build up to this one line and while it hits gold on each viewing, the waiting can be a little dull.

Still this is a perfect drinks and friends film everyone can get into without having to worry about plot complications. It has action, sex, guns, quotes and snakes. What more could you want?


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