20 Chicken McNuggets Sharebox

For anyone who has been into MacDonalds in the last month, you must have seen this advertised. 20 Chicken McNuggets for £3.99. It probably made you curious, four quid for twenty nuggets? It’s like over a quid for four! They must be smaller, or a catch at least! So you leave them be.

Then for anyone coming back again the thought of them will haunt the mind. If I order just these on my own, will I look greedy? Maybe I should be safe and get three burgers instead… that’s not so bad compared to twenty chicken nuggets. But I want to try them! Are there really twenty full size nuggets? What about dips? I thing this would be my biggest regret in life if I overlook this and let it ride in my imagination forever.

So I bought a pack with a friend so it looked like I was ready to share. Of course I was expecting twenty popcorn chicken sized things in the box which would be gobbled down post-haste. Yet when I opened them I got a surprise.

Twenty full-sized nuggets! This is like a dream come true! To think I once feared the nugget after a bad case of headache while eating one once. Though it wasn’t the foods fault, I hit my head on the wall behind, but the blame went on the nuggets. With four ketchup dips at end I was ready and the nuggets tasted just as MacDonalds nuggets taste, ok but not the best thing in the world.

Ten nuggets later I realised it was one of those ‘good idea at the time’ moments as the next ten was a slog. Not being so tasty as other food options means you quickly tire of just nuggets. A share box indeed.


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