It was around seven a.m. Was it? Around then. So I’m dreaming of something I wish I wasn’t dreaming of and then the door opens. I think I’m still dreaming but someone else has come in and replaced the other characters. Some girl I’ve never seen before in my life, seriously. She wandered in butt-naked and I tell her not here. What does that mean? Get away more like!
She sits down and doesn’t reply, why isn’t she replying I wonder.  My eyes shut as I’m just dreaming, but she isn’t under the eyelids at all. I wake up to an empty room and a puddle on the floor. It was a great start to the day. I wish I was making this up.

The cleanup operation seemed to have been a success. It seems someone has tried to describe to me my worth. Take my food, use my room. Happy day.


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