Price: £4.50
Release: Monthly
Future Publishing

I brushed Edge aside for many years, putting it down as pretentious reporting on the games industry. I was content with this opinion on something I’ve only witnessed through review quotes on forums and it didn’t really matter if I never picked up an issue. Though being a subscriber to the easy to read and full of heart NGamer magazine, a complimentary issue came through the post. In the past I’d received a Mountain Bike magazine, Official Nintendo Magazine and too much T3. It was time to see if my suspicions were correct.

It is a different beast to the NGamer I love so much. Joke free and full of industry interviews, strict reviews and seemingly staying focussed on the topics at hand, Edge is certainly a mature read for gamers and I actually enjoyed reading it. It may have been different to what I’m usually accustomed to, but I liked the reviews and the columns at the back discussing different aspects of the industry. It does feel a little dry at times with the previews lacking any emotion of excitement for upcoming games and not owning all the game platforms means about half the magazine is uninteresting to me. The features are strong though and really makes the magazine a worthwhile purchase, I may have to keep an eye on future issues to see if they have things which interest me because judging from the issue I read, they’ll be well written and provide some new insights you won’t get in something like Gamesmaster.

So, I was wrong. Edge magazine is actually really good and something I will definitely check out again as long as the content caters for my interests in the particular issue. It may be a bit tech heavy regarding company interviews at times and the magazine is stuffed full of adverts, and I prefer to read the colourful and cheery NGamer, but there isn’t much else you can find which will give a mature look the game industry deserves.


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