Gin Tama Volume 20: The Best Part Of Summer Vacation Is Before It Begins

Gin Tama Volume 20: The Best Part Of Summer Vacation Is Before It Begins
Story and Art: Hideaki Sorachi
Release Date: 4th October 2007
Covers Chapters 167-175
Shonen Jump Advanced /Viz Media

Police rebellion, how to make a good manga, apocalyptic planet with a surprising twist, the joys of an umbrella, terrorist infiltration attempts and a trip to the beach gone wrong. As always, Gin Tama has a wide variety of stories to tell, but what is an akanasu?

So the shinsengumi rebellion arc comes to a close at the start of this volume. It’s a decent enough ending though I didn’t really warm to Ito as a character, maybe if he wasn’t so evil and burdened by the childhood most of Naruto seem to have. Gin provides an awesome moment as he fights the puppet pulling Ito’s strings and the wrap up is rather heartwarming before falling back into comedy for a cheery ending. Poor Yamazaki.

After that arc conclusion we get four complete stories in the volume which are of varying quality. First we have a story of Gin helping out a manga editor to improve Gintaman. It’s funny and you can totally see how this is a possible outlook on the way Sorachi’s past editor dealt with him though what the heck is an akanasu? I looked it up to no results and the censored image makes me think of something dirty, maybe it is. Still it’s a great story full of other manga references, people familiar with Shonen manga will find plenty to laugh about, but it’s amusing enough for everyone else to join in with.

Next we have Kagura’s dad taking the spotlight in his own story as he helps save a planet from destruction. Apart from some wig gags the story isn’t so great. It feels very bland and generic as melodrama fills the air and nothing particularly new and exciting happens. It could be considered a duff story until you see the ending, then everything makes sense and hilarity begins to form. Strange to see a bit character get his own multi chapter story, but I feel it’s Sorachi’s way of moving away from the Shinsengumi for a while as lots of jokes in the volume are made about them getting too much panel time. Still Yamazaki gets his own story too as he tries to join up with Katsura as a spy. Pity he has to take an exam and the random answers cause some pain, it’s great apart from the over obsession with Jackie Chan. Yes, he has a big nose! Though, poor Yamazaki. Again.

The other complete story is quite a different concept for Gin Tama, a cute chapter with little humour, very little dialogue and just tells a sweet story of Kagura walking in the rain with her new umbrella. Maybe Sorachi was tired this week and didn’t want to write much, but the story is incredibly cute and shows the family unit the three main characters have. I hope more chapters like this pop up down the line.

Finally the next big arc starts, which is a little stupid regarding turtle, battles before turning into something amazing as Gin, Shinpachi, Kagura, Otae, Kyube, Hasegawa and Katsura end up stranded on a desert island. Seeing how each character is handling the situation provide the best moments of the whole volume and the cliffhanger is infuriating. What happened!? Why are Gin and Katsura like that? The hook is made.

Volume 20 is another batch of entertaining stores with a few new ideas being thrown about helping bring even more excitement and variety to the series. But what is an akanasu?!


4 thoughts on “Gin Tama Volume 20: The Best Part Of Summer Vacation Is Before It Begins

      • For the record I think the ‘akanasu’ was the translator’s attempt at censoring it. I don’t *think* that’s what it said in the Japanese version, although I could be wrong. But yeah, the joke is basically “Your dick’s showing”. It’s as dirty as you thought it was supposed to be. *laughs*

  1. Hah, I should read the volume through again with that context. I guess one of the reasons they canned the series over here was because of these type of things being a pain to translate. I want the series back so much.

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