KFC Godfather Box

The Godfather appeared suspect to me, rather than anything truly new and exciting for the KFC food range. What it appeared to be was a spicy fillet tower burger with a piece of chicken, a side, fries and a drink. Pretty much a Zinger Tower box meal with a standard piece of chicken rather than a hot wing. But I decided to try it, thought it would calm my nerves.

It is as I said, the sides are the same, the drinks are no different and the fries are as crummy as ever. The new addition is a bit of Italian spicy tomato sauce underneath the chicken, which tastes quite nice but a bit weak. The spice and tomato sensation vanishes after a few bites and I’m eating a fillet tower burger once more. What a lazy godfather!

Still fillet tower burgers are pretty great and it’s cheaper than getting a Fully Loaded box with tower uprgade. Just not really deserving it’s own title. Fully Loaded + could work, or Someone Spilt Sauce box.

Pictures are scarce so here is a picture of a fillet tower. Imagine the ketchup is Italian spicy sauce and you’re good to go.


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