Excellent PC

Nothing works at home. I can’t understand how a brand new PC tower can refuse to download files or let the internet operate properly. How does this stuff go wrong? I don’t really mind, next door neighbourhood cat had been keeping me occupied, and a certain 3D wonder device. Yet, I can’t even tweet what I had for tea! And I feel like an ultimate hacker for having this get out into the wild. Though this isn’t the most interesting thing which could go out there.

The sky is grey, I can feel gravel in my teeth.
And water is tough to drink on just the left side.
Today I learnt that 84 years is too long,
but Otter slippers make it all OK.

I wondered if it would be an asset to rewind my memory back a few months, so everything would be fine.
Then I realised that would be a bit disorienting.

This is a proper blog type post!


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