Hands in my mouth. Two, sometimes three. The science class goggles were smudgy and the light was directing me away from the metal chipping away in my tooth. I could hear drilling, and cutting, and scraping, but all I could feel was the inflating feeling of numbness scarring my face. After suffocating on the liquid from the miniature hoover, the tools would come out for a moment before plunging themselves back in. I could feel my legs shaking like crazy and the noise of Duran Duran playing in the background felt too casual for such a careful procedure. They must be experts if they listen to Duran Duran while filling holes.

It felt like an eternity till I could stand again. I spilt the rinse water, dripped from my mouth, and tumbled out like a newly born zombie. The sun wasn’t so bad, the light had adjusted my eyes to the day. Holding my jaw I wondered.

Why did no one tell me before?


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