Ribena Sparkling

Ribena goes sparkling. After accidentally spilling Ribena into some sparkling water, the Ribena creators finally had a new product ready to sell. I love Ribena, sometimes it gives me a headache if I drink it too fast, but the sweet blackcurrant always hits the spot. Before making me feel a little queasy later on. Still, a fizzy version would stop me from going to the Purple Ronnie side with Vimto.

The drink doesn’t feel like fizzy Ribena. It is Ribena and it is fizzy, but the two don’t seem to mix. It’s strange and hard to explain, but one mouthful is the sweet blackcurrant then the next is the sparkling water taking centre stage. There doesn’t seem to be a balance as the two fight it out. It didn’t give me a headache though and I felt like I could drink another later on, so I guess it gets a thumbs up from me. An unusual fizzy drink were the fizz and the juice don’t seem to flow. Maybe I had to shake it before drinking?


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