3DS Game

Just because I had the pictures sitting on my camera. Plus people always want this type of information somewhere, probably. Probably not.

So 3DS case is on the bottom, that’s Ridge Racer 3D being crushed by DS game Pokemon Black. Pokemon Black box weighs so much it has crushed the 3DS case into something small. With smaller 3DS boxes think of all that extra shelf space you’ll have for more games! They should have done this with normal DS boxes years ago really, they just don’t sit right by everything else. Imagine if DVD boxes were as thick as VHS cases? Some are.

And the insides are different too. Look at all them holes! Less plastic used, more potential finger busting damage to the cases. Still, Nintendogs and Cats uses the holes in a cute way. I’m looking forward to how ┬áDead Or Alive Dimensions will use the case. How it should use the case.

A bunch of words about a new type of packaging. I do cater for my readers with only the most exiting information.


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