Pills For Breakfast

Then the world quickly turns to a blurred realm of disconnections and worry.

A constant throbbing appears in the head, it scrambles any thoughts up into¬†undecipherable pieces of code. It keeps at it throughout the day, pulling any actions, motivations and thinking into the hands which begin to hold on as the thoughts start to become confused and worrying. Sometimes it will twig the other way and everything is light and the thoughts wander off into the corner, always there but not taking part in the fun. Can’t help but laugh as everything becomes amusing. Click back and forth over and over again. Sometimes mere minutes.

Then the body has some fun after breakfast with the constant feeling of sickness and dizziness. The throwing up gesture happens but nothing comes out; thankfully as it happens more than I like to admit. Each step leaves me ready to fall over and pass out, the world falling back as my eyes roll. But I never fall, the feeling just stays put. Sometimes an extreme ticklish feeling overtakes the body and I want to roll over laughing, like lying down drunk.

I put it down to my morning dose, though it could all be because of that Wagamama’s the other day. Who can know?


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