My March 2011

March for me was all over. One minute it could be good, then the next few would be bad.The roller coaster ride began, though the first drop was the tallest.

Though it didn’t really begin, I’ve had these sensations since the end of High School. March saw me finally trying to overcome them in a way I hadn’t tried before. I mean, I’ve always come up with plans and methods for dealing with my mood swings but getting help from others seemed like something a bit too scary. I know some people don’t believe depression is an illness, so was always worried about what people would say. Help has been provided and while I’ve been feeling a little woozy and ill these past few days, I’m optimistic there will be a light. I know I could have things far worse than I do, I just wish my mind understood that. It’s like I’m two different people as the pendulum swings between the two modes.  I think it all came about from having a few problems which just grew over the years and I began to doubt everything.

Woah, personal information! Jeez we don’t want to hear that stuff! My blog is something I try to update everyday though and March has been tough on my head, as has February. Good to vent it somewhere, so I’ll vent it on my blog.

Anyway, classes ended, nice weather began, the 3DS came out and I have a lot of work to do. March finish!


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