Nestle Aero Orange

Aero Orange could have gone one of two ways. Tasty like orange Club biscuits or Terry’s Chocolate Orange, or a disgusting cheap orange taste which sticks with you for days. I’m thinking of the cheap orange Christmas chocolates I tried last year, I wake up in sweats over them. Vile.

Orange Aero thankfully doesn’t leave a disgusting after taste, though it doesn’t really leave anything. It is a light bubbly bar as per usual and once it’s gone, all memory of the taste goes with it. It tastes like an Aero bar with a light whiff of orange and the orange doesn’t have much of an impact. The  coloured bubbles look great though and make me wish for further Aero inside colours. Blackcurrant purple, strawberry red and vomit yellow  would really brighten up the chocolate world. I wonder how Nestle decide when to throw a new chocolate flavour onto the world anyway? When sales drop, or maybe when the chocolate ideas team feel they need to do some work? New flavours rarely seem to stick around, I can’t see Orange becoming a permanent member of the Aero gang. I think back to Wispa Gold and sigh.

Orange Aero is an innocent bar hard to dislike, but hard to remember much of after eating. Needs more orange.


2 thoughts on “Nestle Aero Orange

  1. Are you kidding me! Orange Aero is not a new flavour. I used to eat them back in the 1970’s when I was a kid. They have been discontinued and now they are back and I love it!

    • Well they’ve been so long gone they can be considered new! Unfortunately they’ve been absent for 21 of my 22 years on this planet. If they started up Wispa Mint again I’d put it down as new. But good to see the past always returns.

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