Currently Listening To: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light 
Release Date: 11th April 2011
Genre: Rock
Sony Music 

Wasting Light reminds me of the old Foos. Garage recorded, the producer of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and a feel of real energy and no acoustic melancholy melodies. Rock through and through.

Wasting Light starts with an explosive starter, ‘Burning Bridges’ and continues the upbeat rocking nature to the very end. It dips into middle ground mid way with the more filler like tracks such as ‘Miss The Misery’, but it picks itself up for a brilliant finish with the track ‘Walk’ which has the replayable and spine tingling quality about it the Foos can sometimes bring. Dave Grohl’s voice can really be something as it shifts from calm to scream.  It is very much a reminder of how they were at their best, the music seems to have fallen back to the old times instead of pushing forwards, but it has made Wasting Light one of their best albums in a long time. Long live ‘The Colour And The Shape’ style!

It isn’t as good as the older albums though as it doesn’t seem to have that complete pull, it’s like the current Weezer approach of catchy tunes with a bit of filler. No real connection of the tracks is made, the emotion is that of loud rocking tracks rather than a complete emotion you can get from something like ‘Songs Of The Deaf’ by Queens of The Stone Age or even Foo Fighters own album ‘The Colour And The Shape’. An entertaining listen with a few really good tracks, though a collection of singles rather than a smooth flowing album. ‘Burning Bridges’, ‘Rope’, ‘White Limo’, These Days’ and ‘Walk’ are all excellent tracks, there is more good than bad, though only ‘Walk’ has a chance of joining the ‘Everlong’ and ‘Monkey Wrench’ club. Time will tell as the other tracks are replayed over time. ‘Dear Rosemary’ on the other hand sounds a bit like ‘Steady As She Goes’ by the Raconteurs in the opening, before the chorus kicks in which sounds like the Sonic Underground (a cartoon about Sonic the Hedgehog in a rock band) theme music. Odd.

It does seem to have an obsession with death though, a bit like Pearl Jam’s last album Backspacer. I guess these guys are getting a little old now so it seems a suitable topic to sing about, but it does pop up a little too much not to be noticed. Maybe this is the theme of the album; dealing with death by screaming at it.’ At least it’s a little more optimistic than Backspacer was. An album sounding like the past, but looking at the future. Wasting Light will please fans though won’t draw in anyone new. Not a problem for me and maybe not for you.


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